Fool and Money Soon Part

Rod Nurvz' Rod of Correction

Many journalists & a few politicians point to big bankers as those being most heavily involved and gaining the most in the 'Drug Problem' through their laundering of the filthy lucre.

Yep, it sure is dirty money, all right. That's why it needs to be laundered. But once you open the door to tracing moneys' origins to determine what is clean or dirty, where do you stop? A lot of fortunes have been built on a lot of dirty deals, so how do you determine or detect which money is 'clean' or not, and for which foul and counter productive to society's purposes the loot is from.

Maybe we should have some sort of urinalysis for money, not the kind that picks up cocaine residue - that's everywhere - but some kind of test that would determine the money's origins and impaired performance.

What we really need, though, is a clearer basis for what behavior deserves clean money, but maybe money is just an inherently dirty way of accounting for our transactions. Certainly the difference between what ten bucks is worth to a millionaire or a homeless person is astronomical. Money's relative worth remains inaccurate and unfair. It has become too indirect and just plain inefficient in the trading of services, information and products. The use of the word 'trade' is the key.

Many successful businesses rely on tradeouts as standard operating procedure. Money doesn't change hands or accounts. this practice could even be linked up with computers to track balances and trade points, a pattern our high-tech system seems well on the way toward achieving.

A federal narcotics agent once admitted that the quickest way to kill cocaine trafficking would be to call in all the money of certain denominations and create new greenback designs. His radical proposal might work but it doesn't go far enough. Yet, calling in all the money wouldn't work either. Eliminate the money, entirely. Voluntarily. And when money is no longer involved perhaps some stupidly illegal things would become 'clean'.

Herb traded in good faith at a personal level for individually negotiated and mutually approved goods could become immune to enforcement. Then the parasitic relationship between the police systems and the drug lords would evaporate.

If someone wanted to trade their valuable personal stuff in order to zonk themselves out on crack or heroin, so be it, But no longer would 'just money' allow one to self-destruct. Once you began the downward spiral and before you hit bottom you'd no longer have anything worth trading for the crap you craved. It would be self-governing at it's best and purest.

It's so damn American I can't stand it. No red tape or government intrusion (and at last no government collusion, either), plus total freedom within reason.

The biggest beauty about this plan is that we can start NOW. Without any committees forming, without any studies, without any referendum, convention, legislation, adjudication, or interruption. Just start doing it . A little at first. Use tradouts in your personal life business. Structure deals mutually beneficial and keep them clean without money getting in the way.

While you're still using money to make the transaction, whatever you do, don't bank it. Stash for historical purposes, just in case, and what...No taxes? Sounds like free enterprise to me. Go dare.

Rod Nurvz' Top Ten Real Problem Drugs:

1. MONEY - Yeah, perennialy Numero Uno. People act really strange and even endanger the whole planet while under its extremely addictive influence. However, it's in short supply with a downward projection.

2. NO FOOD WHATSOEVER aka STARVATION - Wait'll you trip on this! (It's ironic, but the top two offenders exist without ingesting any chemicals at all.)

3. TOXIC POLLUTANTS - The daily dosing of the earth's peoples against their will with thousands of chemicals and wastes that threaten the entire eco system because profit has become our most important product. Of course, the people responsible for this catastrophe proudly proclaim how straight minded they are when in fact many of them are on alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers and other legal 'Medicines'.

4. SUGAR - The original killer white powder.

5. ALCOHOL - A known poison that induces violent behavior.

6. COCAINE - Pick to click with a bullet called crack.

7. TOBACCO - RJ Reynold's heir Patrick Reynolds admits that it's 'plainly immoral' to even advertise the stuff.

8. HEROIN - A living death.

9. BARBITUATES/METHAMPHETAMINES (and other mostly prescribed mood alterers) - for the yo-yo yuppie life

10. COFFEE AND CHOCOLATE - One makes you lose control of your bowels, while the other breaks you out while broadening your hips. And talk about springboard effects!

11. LOVE - Just bubbling under. C'mon champions of the underdog let's make this Number One!

AS A GENERAL RULE: If it's derivative, be suspicious... most of the items on this list are man-made.

Trust in Jah.

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