Montana Public Radio "Open Mic" half-hour program with T.C. Hirsch featuring Ghost Town Sound

As broadcast over the airwaves on KGPR, Great Falls, MT on June 28th, 2011 from a recording session in late May. Includes the Coyomon Fillmore mix of "Ohtahku" plus two unique live-on-Open Mic versions of "Auditor" and "Fingerprints" that feature Doug's vocals and GTS bandmate Coyotemon (Steven D. Powell) with vocals & xylophone. The program is about half interview, half music. It ends with "Crow Testament", recorded live at Ashkenaz in Berkeley California July 8th 2010 where GTS opened for David Gans & friends' Dead Dreams. "Crow Testament" features music from Indigenous Resistance accompanied by Coyotemon, Doug Sternberg of Jah Provide on bass, Marc Wendt of Lumanation on guitar, Jake The Drummer & Steve Galan on acoustic guitar.

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