Sometime after dusk becomes twilight and
the darkest hour turns to dawn and daylight
one may find
-featuring music by and for indigenous peoples-

Playlists and select podcasts for the most recent Programs #208 - #177 are on this page.

Created and recorded in Ohtahku (The Sound) Montana,
this presentation includes several native musical styles,
occasional storytelling, and music from around the world.

NATIVE SON RISING is broadcast at 89.9 FM in Ohtahku every Tuesday 2-3pm Mountain Daylight Time (8-9 GMT) & Saturday 1-2am Mountain (9-10 GMT) streaming & airing from KGPR in Great Falls, Montana. Broadcast daily on World One over the airwaves in the San Francisco Bay Area.

All previous programs' playlists are posted here:
Programs #37 - #1
Programs #73 - #38
Programs #109 - #74
Programs #144 - #110
Programs #176 - #145

Program #208 webcast now available here:
1-Nitanis Kit Largo SERENITY "Serenity"
2-John Trudell & Bad Dog WAZI'S DREAM "Earthling"
3-Haji Mike Meets Bandulu Dub LOST DUB POETRY HARD DRIVE "The Earth Is Sinking"
4-Akae Baka HOMAGE TO THE LAND "Homage To The Land"
5-Patrick Landeza NAHE OLU "Waimanalo Hawaiian Man"
6-Casper & The Mighty 602 Band "Apon Da Ridge Dub"
7-Buffy Sainte-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "It's My Way"
8-Indigenous Resistance IR 37 "Semira (Adrian Sherwood Mural Mix)"
9-A Tribe Called Red & Buffy "Working For The Government (2015 mix)"
10-Dubmatix feat. Prince Blanco "Seven Nation Army"
11-Indigenous Resistance IR 37 "Waiting For The Right Moment (Insurrection Mix)"
12-A Tribe Called Red "Burn Your Village To The Ground"
13-Inner Circle feat. Kabaka Pyramid "We The People Ha Fi Talk"
14-John Trudell & Bad Dog WAZI'S DREAM "Wazi's Dream"

Program #207:
1-Max Frost & The Troopers NUGGETS "The Shape Of Things To Come"
2-Mickey Hart Band MYSTERIUM TREMENDIUM "Let There Be Light"
3-A. Paul Ortega TWO WORLDS "What Is An Indian"
4-Casper Loma Da Wa "For The Children"
5-Ghost Town Sound GHOST TOWN SOUND "ND Waza Bat"
6-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Wide Track Pontiac"
7-Chester Knight WINDFALL "The First Man/Into Dreams"
8-Buffy Sainte-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "Orion"
9-Nitanis Kit Largo SERENITY "Home Sweet Home"
10-John Trudell & Bad Dog CRAZIER THAN HELL "Openings To Grasp"
11-Koljademo DESTINED LOVE TRAVELER "Prayer Song"
12-Walela UNBEARABLE LOVE "When Love Was All We Knew"
13-Bob Marley & The Wailers LIVE IN NETHERLANDS '78 "Is This Love"

Program #206:
1-Buffy Sainte-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "Sing Our Own Song"
2-Indigenous Resistance feat. TapeDave & Jah9 IR35 "Galdino Dub (Transparente Remix)"
3-Chester Knight WINDFALL "I Am A Warrior"
4-A Tribe Called Red feat. Helinback SUPLEX "The People's Champ"
5-A. Paul Ortega TWO WORLDS "The Sunset"
6-Brian Auger & Trinity STREETNOISE "In Search Of The Sun"
7-Buffy Sainte-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "Power In The Blood"
8-Ghost Town Sound GHOST TOWN SOUND "American Ghost Town"
9-Casper Loma Da Wa "Apon Di Ridge"
10-Don Fardon "Indian Reservation"
11-John Trudell & Bad Dog CRAZIER THAN HELL "Didn't Even Blink"
12-Chester Knight WINDFALL "History"
13-Marty Dread "Thank You For Nothing" segment

Program #205:
1-Barbara Paige HEAR ME NOW "Doin' The Night Right"
2-Marty Dread & Leiohu Ryder "A'ole TMT"
3-Willie K. TWISTED UKELELE "Sophisticated Hula" & "Howling At The Moon"
4-Santee LEGACY "Ancestral Thunder"
5-Johnny Cash "Transfusion Blues"
6-A. Paul Ortega THREE WORLDS "Chicago"
7-Mary Youngblood DANCE WITH THE WIND "Lost Long Ago"
8-Wayne Silas Jr. TRUE "My Sweet Baby"
9-Young Spirit AKAMEYIMOH "Crain's Music"
10-Matt Jenson & The Liquid Revolution feat. Roger Steffens BABY BOY "Drop The Line"
11-Richie Havens NOBODY LEFT TO CROWN "Won't Get Fooled Again"
12-Bob Marley & The Wailers EASY SKANKING "War/No More Trouble"
13-Buffy Sainte-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "The Uranium War"
14-Spirit Nation WINTER MOON "Tipikan"

Program #204:
1-Tony Chin UNIVERSAL LOVE "Indian Nation"
2-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Restless, Irritable & Discontent"
3-Marty Dread "Thank You For Nothing Dub"
4-Ghost Town Sound GHOST TOWN SOUND "Crow Testament"
5-A. Paul Ortega THREE WORLDS "Hand Shake"
6-A Tribe Called Red feat. Northern Voice SUPLEX "Suplex"
7-The Fire This Time JUNGLE BASES "Jungle Bases (Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix)"
8-Chester Knight WINDFALL "Cold Cold World"
9-Joanne Shenandoah SKYWOMAN "Whales Of The Sea"
10-Buffy Saint-Marie POWER IN THE BLOOD "We Are Circling"
11-Bill Miller SPIRIT RAIN "Sun Dog"
12-Kevin Yazzie CHARITY "Set 2"
13-Louie Gonnie SPRALING, ASCENDING WITH PRAYER "May Your Dreams Always Come True"

Program #203:
1-Tony Duncan & Darrin Yazzie SINGING LIGHTS "Where The Wind Blows"
2-Joy Harjo RED DREAMS "Beautiful Baby, Beautiful Child"
3-Walela UNBEARABLE LOVE "Bright Morning Stars"
4-Shelly Morningsong OUT OF THE ASHES "Heritage"
5-Native Spirit NATIVE SPIRIT "Desert Sun"
7-Koljademo DESTINED LOVE TRAVELER "Thunder Song (Please Send Me The World Above)"
8-Dr. John ART OF McCARTNEY "Let 'Em In"
9-Garland Jeffreys ESCAPE "We The People"
10-Michael Franti feat. K'Naan ALL PEOPLE "Earth From Outer Space"
11-R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman AWAKENING THE FIRE "Convergence"
12-Joy Harjo NATIVE JOY FOR REAL "This Is My Heart"
13-Tony Duncan NATIVE SON "Quiet Morning" & "Stories Upon Stone"

Program #202:
1-Mary Youngblood DANCE WITH THE WIND "Reach For The Sky"
2-Fawn Wood ISKWEWAK "Every Once In A While"
3-Hedge & Donna CAPERS & CARSON "Silver To Blue"
4-Anthony Wakeman MR. SOON "The Clearing"
5-Spirit Nation WATER MOONS "Seven Gifts"
6-Robert Mirabal WARRIOR MAGICIAN "Warrior Magician"
7-Howie B & Robbie Robertson CLASSIC MASTERS "Take Your Partner By The Hand (New Mix)"
8-Buffy Sainte-Marie COINCIDENCE & OTHER STORIES "The Big Ones Get Away"
9-Joanne Shenandoah SKYWOMAN "The Good & Evil Twin"
10-Bill Miller RAVEN IN THE SNOW "Red Bird, Yellow Sun"
11-Little Sister "Somebody's Watching You"
12-Harry Nilsson PERSONAL BEST "Ten Little Indians"
13-Injunuity FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL "S.O.S."
14-Nitanis 'Kit' Largo SERENITY "Sun-Kissed"

Program #201:
1-Grateful Dead TERRAPIN STATION "Sunrise"
2-Casper Loma-Da-Wa "Pon Di Ridge"
3-Beach Boys SMiLE SESSIONS "Heroes & Villians Part 1 & Part 2" 7"
4-Manfred Mann SONGS OF PROTEST "With God On Our Side"
5-Playing For Change SONGS AROUND THE WORLD "Guantanamera"
6-The Wild Magnolias WILD MAGNOLIAS "Two Way Pak E Way"
7-The Wild Magnolias WILD MAGNOLIAS "Saints"
8-Northern Cree BREAKING BOUNDARIES "Mocc. (assin) Burner"
9-Tony Duncan & Darrin Yazzie SINGING LIGHTS "Rhythms Of Sunrise"
10-Nick Lowe JOHNNY CASH & FRIENDS "Indian Queens"
11-Marty Dread UPCOUNTRY BOY "Home"
12-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Two Flag Songs"

Program #200:
1-Tommy McCook BLUE SKA "One Minute To Zero"
2-Tony Duncan NATIVE SON "Shush (Bear Dreams)"
3-Tom Jones SPIRIT IN THE ROOM "Tower Of Song"
4-Doug Wendt GHOST TOWN SOUND "Boxcar"
5-Cree Confederation PICICIWIN "Boxcar Willy"
6-Ozomatli PLACE IN THE SUN "Place In The Sun"
7-Walela UNBEARABLE LOVE "Unbearable Love"
9-Pete Seeger IF I HAD A HAMMER: SONGS OF HOPE & STRUGGLE "Crow On The Cradle"
10-Marty Dread UPCOUNTRY BOY "Cats In The Cradle"
11-Playing For Change SONGS AROUND THE WORLD 3 "Down By The Riverside"
12-Pink Martini SPLENDOR IN THE GRASS "Splendor In The Grass"
13-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Daily Grind"
14-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Just Love"
15-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MORE MES "Famine In The Plenty"
16-Tom Jones SPIRIT IN THE ROOM "Just Dropped In"

Program #199:
1-Kindred Spirits "Gathering Of the Spirits"
2-James McMurtry SAINT MARY OF THE WOODS "Choctaw Bingo"
3-A Tribe Called Red & Das Racist "Indians In All Directions"
4-Dutty Boukman & Indigenous Resistance IR 29 "3 Lions"
5-Alpha Blondy MYSTIC POWER "La Baitaille D'Abidjan"
7-Santana SHAPE SHIFTER "Nomad"
9-Wayne Silas Jr. INFINITE PASSION "The Mash Up"
10-Richie Havens WOODSTOCK "Handsome Johnny"
11-Melanie WOODSTOCK "Birthday Of The Sun"
12-Jah Cure "Wake Up"
13-Young Spirit FROM THE HEART "Time To Shine"

Program #198:
1-Injunuity FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL "Anasazi Sun"
2-Tony Duncan NATIVE SON "Eagle Has Blessed Us"
3-Richie Havens NOBODY LEFT TO CROWN "The Great Mandela (The Wheel Of Life)"
4-Kevin Yazzie CHARITY "Charity"
5-Bear Creek FOREVER "A Quick Journey"
6-Tha Tribe STOIC "The Valley Of The Sun"
7-Kalahari Surfers MANDELA: Son Of Africa, Father of A Nation "Guns & Pangas"
8-Cheevers Toppah A GOOD DAY, A BETTER TOMORROW "Charity Sage's Song"
9-Northern Cree LOYALTY TO THE DRUM "Burn Dance"
10-Young Spirit SAVE ME A LEAD "Save Me A Lead"
11-Brianna Lea Pruett GYPSY BELLS "Gypsy Bells"
12-Nitanis "Kit" Largo SERENITY "Serenity" & "Memory Lane"
13-Wayne Silas INFINITE PASSION "She Texts Me, She Texts Me Not"
14-Injunuity FIGHT FOR SURVIVAL "Into The Sun" & "title"

Program #197:
1-Jack Gladstone MOUNTAIN WEST CHRISTMAS "Winter Wonderland"
2-Eugene Friesen A WINTER CELEBRATION "Rejoice"
3-Wayne Silas INFINITE PASSION "One Cold Night"
4-Nitanis "Kit" Largo SERENITY "A Winter Dream"
5-Peter Kater XMAS ECSTASY "Coventry Carol"
6-Buffy Sainte-Marie RUNNING FOR THE DRUM "Easy Like The Snow Falls Down"
7-Socie Saltwater & Radmilla Cody NAVAJO CHRISTMAS "O Come All Ye Faithful"
8-Socie Saltwater & Radmilla Cody NAVAJO CHRISTMAS "Little Drummer Boy"
9-Randall Paskemin CHRISTMS CHEER "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town"
10-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Wolves Of Ice & Snow"
11-R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman AWAKENING THE FIRE "Kindling The Essence"
12-Warscout RED CHRISTMAS "Christmas Time"
13-Flesh & Bone A WINTER CELEBRATION "Longest Night"
14-Redheart SACRED SEASON "O Little Town Of Bethlehem"

Program #196:
1-Tchiya Amet CELESTIAL FOLK MUSIC "Great Purification Of All Things""
2-Robert Mirabal MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE "Navajo Fires"
3-A Tribe Called Red TRAPLINE "Braves (Remix)"
4-Northern Cree TRUE BLUE "Drummer Manz Rap"
5-A Tribe Called Red A TRIBE CALLED RED "General Generations"
6-John Trudell CRAZIER THAN HELL "Out Of The Cage"
7-Randall Paskemin EMOTIONS "Change (Save The World)"
8-Jana AMERICAN INDIAN STORY "The Great Storm" & "The Journey"
9-Pipestone TRIBUTE TO THE OLD TIMERS "Necklace Breaker"
10-Joy Harjo A TRAIL BEYOND TEARS "Rainbow Gratitude"
11-Todi Neesh Zhee Singers DANCERS OF MOTHER EARTH title
12-Michael Cusson WOLVES title
13-Robbie Robertson with Primeaux & Mike WOLVES "Peyote Healing"
14-Warscout MANY TRIBES ONE NATION "Teepee, Teepee Shake"
15-Charles Red Hawk MEDICINE SONGS "Bigfoot"

Program #195:
1-R. Carlos Nakai & Will Clipman AWAKENING THE FIRE "First Morning"
2-Tchiya Amet CELESTIAL FOLK MUSIC "Egyptian Bluez" instrumental & vocal
3-Koljademo DESTINED LOVE TRAVLER "Rattlesnake * Dirt Kick * Spirit Walk"
4-Bear Creek RIGHT NOW "Hellavator"
5-A Tribe Called Red TRAPLINE "Trap Heat"
6-Glen Ahhaitty NO MORE LIES "Ring Of Fire"
7-John Trudell CRAZIER THAN HELL title
8-Black Lodge WATCH THIS DANCER! "Fancy Dance"
9-Jimi Hendrix & Bos Ton Bim "Crosstown Traffic"
10-Wayne Silas Jr. TRUE "Phoenix Crush"
11-The Blue Stone Project BLUE STONE "Heart Beat"
12-Bill Miller SPIRIT RAIN "Red Sky Red Heart"
13-Northern Cree REZONATE "Saddle Lake Southern"
14-Scala & Kolacny Brothers "Eskimo"

Program #194 (Extended Public Radio/Media Special):
with optional segments for additional fund raising-
1-Walela WALELA "I'll Turn My Radio On"
2-Pima Express VOICE UPON THE WIND title track
3-Johnny Cash BITTER TEARS "The Ballad Of Ira Hayes"
4-Eric Casillas CREATION CHANT "Renewal" voice over
second segment-
5-Everything Is Everything "Witchi Tai To"
6-Redbone "Come And Get Your Love"
7-Tiger Tiger URBAN SKINS 3 "Great Radio Wasteland"
8-Manfred Mann's Plain Music PLAINS MUSIC "Medicine Song"
9-Anthony Wakeman BUTTERFLY DREAMS "Montana Mountain Shadows" voice over
third segment-
10-Jimmy Wakely "Pale Moon"
11-Robert Mirabal INDIANS INDIANS "Indians Indians"
12-Robbie Robertson "Showdown At Big Sky" single version
13-Lunar Drive ALL TOGETHER HERE "Big Fat Sky"
fourth segment-
14-Eaglebear Singers SMOKE SIGNALS soundtrack "John Wayne's Teeth"
15-Keith Secola WILD BAND OF INDIANS "Fry Bread"
16-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Conspicious Consumption"
17-Casper Loma Dawa BROTHERS KEEPER title track
18-Nakai & Canyon Symphony Orchestra TWO WORLD CONCERTO "Lake That Speaks"
19-Pura Fe CAUTION TO THE WIND "Find The Cost Of Freedom"

Program #193:
1-R. Carlos Nakai Quartet PEOPLE OF PEACE "Trade Winds"
2-Mary Louise Defender Wilson MY RELATIVES SAY "The First Flute Was Used For Courting"
3-The Blue Stone Project BLUE STONE "Worth Of Man"
4-Fawn Wood ISKWEWAK "Mr. Wrong"
5-Enter Tribal ENTER TRIBAL "The Touch Of Your Hand"
6-Native Flute Ensemble RITUAL MESA "Deer Spirits Welcome The Dawn"
7-Great Mystery AWAKENING "A 'Ho", "Sacred Moon", & "Creator Watch Me Dance"
8-R. Carlos Nakai & Keola Beamer OUR BELOVED "Lapule - Sunday"
9-Walela UNBEARABLE LOVE "Gathering Of Eagles" & "The Sequence"
10-Douglas Spotted Eagle CLOSER TO FAR AWAY title track
11-Joy Harjo WINDING THOUGH THE MILKY WAY "Morning Song"
12-Tchiya Amet CELESTIAL FOLK MUSIC "R U Sirius Enuff"

Program #192 webcast now available here:
1-Easy Star All-Stars FIRST LIGHT "Break Of Dawn"
2-Gary Small & The Coyote Brothers "American Icon"
3-John D. Loudermilk "The Lament Of The Cherokee Reservation Indian"
4-James McMurtry "We Can't Make It Here Anymore"
5-A Tribe Called Red "NDNs From All Directions"
6-Indigenous Resistance "Knocking Out Powerlines (Dub Gabriel Mix) Krikati"
7-Santana SHAPE SHIFTER "Shape Shifter"
8-Darkfeather CIRCLE OF DAWN "Tarzan, Billy & Jim"
9-Northern Cree DANCERZ GROOVE "Facebook Drama"
10-Amerigo Gazaway "I Can't Get Off Of The Facebook"
11-A Tribe Called Red "Dipset Anthem (ATCR Bubble Mix)"
12-Hydr8 EMPOWER NOW "Voices In The Wind"
13-Wayne Silas Jr. TRUE "Love Medicine"

Program #191:
1-Floyd Westerman CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS "35 Miles"
2-James Bilgody & The Cremains SACRED STYLE "Bow & Arrow"
3-The Blue Stone Project BLUE STONE "Heartbeat" with John Densmore
4-Fawn Wood ISKWEWAK Songs Of Indigenous Womanhood "Tapwe Oma"
"Story Of Running Eagle"
8-Louie Gonnie PATHWAY TO DESTINY "Swirling Smoke (The Spoken Word Mix)"
9-Dearly & Denny IT'S A LOVE/HATE THING "The Classroom Blues"
10-Cheevers & Toppah TRUE MELODIES "Thunder Up"
12-Randall Paskemin EMOTIONS "Paradise"
13-Cree Federation HORSE DANCE "This Is It"
14-John Trudell CRAZIER THAN HELL "It Is What It Is"
15-Easy Star All-Stars FIRST LIGHT "Break Of Dawn" segment

Program #190:
1-African Head Charge SONGS OF PRAISE "Dervish Chant"
2-A Tribe Called Red A TRIBE CALLED RED "Electric Pow Wow Drum"
3-Joy Harjo RED DREAMS "Red Dreams"
4-John Trudell CRAZIER THAN HELL "Any Of The Blame"
5-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Fossil Fuel Sinner"
6-Lion Zion REGGAE IN AMERICA "Gas Guzzler"
7-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Just Love"
8-Reggae Cowboys PONY EXPRESS "The Wind Cries Mary"
9-Vince Gill BOOTS TOO BIG TO FILL "Oklahoma Hills"
10-Joy Harjo RED DREAMS "All The Colors Of The Sunrise, Spirit Helper Song"
11-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Hey Ya Hey"
12-A Tribe Called Red A TRIBE CALLED RED "Look At This"
13-African Head Charge SONGS OF PRAISE "Healing Ceremony"

Program #189:
1-Radmilla Cody SHI KEYAH "Morning Greeting"
2-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Rainbow Medley"
3-John Trudell CRAZIER THAN HELL "Too Much Sky"
4-Cody Blackbird "The Return"
6-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Give Me Peace"
7-Joy Harjo RED DREAMS "Red Dreams"
8-Randy Wood THE GIFT OF LIFE "The Gift Of Life"
9-Deer Clan Singers DEERS R US "Friendship Dance"
10-Northern Cree DRUM BOY "Tea Pot"
11-Louie Gonnie BREATHE DEEP THE DUSK FALL title track
12-Kevin Yazzie LOVE "Holy Moments"

Program #188:
2-Joy Harjo "This America" cd single
3-Joanne Shenandoah LIFEGIVERS "She Was Born"
4-Buffy Sainte-Marie RUNNING FOR THE DRUM "America The Beautiful"
5-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Chillin On The Rez"
6-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Kaptain Amerikan"
7-Thirza Defoe COME TO ME GREAT MYSTERY "Calling To The People"
8-Deer Clan Singers DEERS R US "Rabbit Dance"
9-Joy Harjo WINDING THROUGH THE MILKY WAY "Rabbit Is Up To Tricks"
10-Nelson Mandela HUMAN RACE "Amandla Dub"
11-Little Wolf Band SACRED GROUND "Prayers In The Wind"
12-Redbone WOVOKA "Clouds In My Sunshine"
13-Gabriel Ayala REMEMBRANCE "Remembrance"
14-Joy Harjo RED DREAMS, A TRAIL BEYOND TEARS "Urban Crow Dance (Of The Bird Kind)"

Program #187:
1-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Native Anthropology"
2-Trevy Felix & Floyd Westerman AFRICAN ROOTS, ACOUSTIC REGGAE "Missionary"
3-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Brothers Keeper"
4-Buffy Sainte-Marie RUNNING FOR THE DRUM "Too Much Is Never Enough"
5-Radmilla Cody PRECIOUS FRIENDS "My Relatives"
6-Deer Clan Singers DEERS R US "Stomp Dance"
7-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Remembering Private Charlo"
8-Randy Wood THE GIFT OF LIFE "Geronimo"
9-Casper Loma Da Wa BROTHERS KEEPER "Work It Out"
10-Estun-Bah FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES "The Yellow & The Pollen"
11-Peter Kater FACES OF THE SUN "Changeless & Eternal"
12-Jack Gladstone NATIVE ANTHROPOLOGY "Chapel Of Sea"

Program #186:
1-Indigenous Resistance DUBVERSIVE IR 25 "Ivere...The Land (Soy Sos Mix)"
2-The Process Meets Ghetto Priest & Ghost Town Sound "Adrian Sherwood Dub Mix"
3-The Neybuzz EMPTY SPECTACLE "Rise Up"
4-Lovd Ones BENJI & DILLAVOU "Sky Falls Down"
5-Bell X1 BLOODLESS COUP "The Trailing Skirts Of God"
6-Lee Ann Brady IN JESUS NAME "Acapella tracks #9 & 10"
7-Porcupine Singers LAKOTA CLASSICS "Song Of Encouragement"
8-James Stephenson EASTERN WIND NORTHERN LIGHTS "Monster Mash"
9-Sammy Boy NEXT STOP SOWETO "10 To 11"
10-Southern Scratch SWEET THE SOUND "Go: K. Kawliya"
11-Pupa Leendi & Bling ULTIMATA SOCA GOLD "Firewater"
12-Tha Tribe WARRIORS IN THE MIST "Old Necklace Breaker"
13-Buffy Sainte-Marie RUNNING FOR THE DRUM "Working For The Government"
14-Playing For Change PFC2 "Music Is My Ammunition"
15-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Whale"

Program #185:
1-Buffy Sainte-Marie RUNNING FOR THE DRUM "Little Wheel Spin & Spin"
2-The Temptations PSYCHEDELIC SOUL "Ball Of Confusion" (alternate)
3-Paul Revere & The Raiders "Indian Reservation"
4-Dubmatix CHAMPION SOUND CLASH "War, Peace & Dub"
5-Sergent Garcia UNA Y OTRA VEZ "Acho Bai Bai"
6-Sanchez LOVE YOU MORE "Red White & Black"
7-Deer Clan Singers DEERS R US "Shake The Bush"
8-Michael Franti & Spearhead with Zap Mama ALL REBEL ROCKERS "High Low"
9-Robbie Robertson HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT "Fear Of Falling"
10-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Like Temptation"
11-Kevin Yazzie LOVE "Good Relations"
12-Estun-Bah FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES "In The Time Of Chiefs"
13-Aaron White & Anthony Wakeman HANDPRINTS OF OUR PEOPLE "Into The Wind"
14-Gabriel Ayala & Will Clipman PASSION FIRE & GRACE "Monsoon"

Program #184:
1-Robbie Robertson HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT "He Don't Live Here Anymore"
2-Archie Roach LOOKING FOR BUTTER BOY "Beggar Man"
3-Johnny Cash BITTER TEARS "The Ballad Of Ira Hayes"
4-Opie Day-Bedeau ONE LOVE "Crazy Ones!"
5-Gourd Woman THE ELDERS SPEAK "Coyote's Den Hill"
6-Gourd Woman & Eagle Heart THE ELDERS SPEAK "Closing Comments & Closing Prayer"
7-Antonio Woody OLD STYLE "Four Harmonized Peyote Songs Track 3"
8-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Madness"
9-Indigenous Resistance DUBVERSIVE IR 25 "Brothers & Sisters"
10-Robbie Robertson HOW TO BECOME CLAIRVOYANT title track
11-Star Nayea + Primeaux & Mike SACRED GROUND "Mountain Song"

Program #183:
1-Everything Is Everything HARD TO FIND 45s VOL. 6 "Witchi Tai To"
2-Louie Gonnie BREATHE DEEP THE DUSK FELL "Transcendence & The Dawn"
3-Gabriel Ayala & Will Clipman PASSION, FIRE & GRACE "Whispers From Eagle Hll/Zuni Sunrise"
4-Cheevers Topah RENEWED SPIRIT "My Man, Rejoice Every Day"
5-Southern Scratch HOW SWEET THE SOUND "La Mano De Dios"
6-Randy Wood THE GIFT OF LIFE "Wounded Knee"
7-Indigenous Resistance DUBVERSIVE IR 25 "Galdino Pataxo Warrior"
8-Keith Secola CIRCLE "Wassnondae"
9-Nakai, Eaton, & Clipman DANCING INTO SILENCE "Man In The Maze"
10-Ulali SMOKE SIGNALS "Forgive Our Fathers Suite"
11-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Cougar"

Program #182 webcast now available here:
1-Ghost Town Sound "Ohtahku (Coyomon Mix)"
2-Marty Dread STILL PLAYING REGGAE "Off Our Land"
3-Al Jardine A POSTCARD FROM CALIFORNIA "Looking Down The Coast"
4-Keith Secola CIRCLE "ND Waza Bat"
5-Neil Young CHROME "Boxcar"
6-Indigenous Resistance DUBVERSIVE IR 25 "Galdino Jesus Dos Santos (D. Watts Riot Mix)"
7-Estun Bah FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES "Stories Of A People"
8-Smith, Toppah, Landry RAIN IN JULY "Charles 'Neka' Logan's Song"
9-Peter Kater with Mary Youngblood FACES OF THE SUN "Raven"
10-Talibah NAVAJO SONGS FOR CHILDREN "Grandma's the Boss"
11-Randall Paskemin GOODNIGHT, SWEET DREAMS, I LOVE YOU "Enjoy"
12-Nakai, Eaton & Clipman DANCING INTO SILENCE "Down To Earth", "Radiance" & title track

Program #181:
1-Trance Mission MEANWHILE "Sunrise"
2-Ladysmith Black Mambazo SONGS FROM A ZULU FARM "Wake Up Little Chicks"
3-Indigenous Resistance DUBVERSIVE IR 25 "Luana (Soy Sos Mix)"
4-Shenandoah & Robert SISTERS "Lower Lights"
5-Louie Gonnie SONGS OF THE SACRED CIRCLE "With The Flames"
6-Robert Tree Cody & Xavier Quijas Yxayotl CROSSROADS "Festival Of The Deer"
7-Nicole PASSION SPIRIT "Black Mountain"
8-New Creed URBAN SKINS 2 "Redman's Rage"
9-Blackfoot Confederacy HEAR THE BEAT "Made For The Occasion"
10-Tha Tribe EMERY "Traditional Ojibway Women's Song"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Celebrate Our Lives"
12-Tony Allen SECRET AGENT "Celebrate"
13-Johnny Mike MY SPIRIT SOARS "Harmonized Peyote Songs (track 1)"

Program #180:
1-Nakai, Eaton & Clipman DANCING INTO SILENCE "Ancient Awakening" & "Sun Path"
2-Tchiya Amet BLACK TURTLE ISLAND "Saturn's Return"
3-Indigenous Resistance IR 10 "Tatoo Dub: Soy Sos MIX (TapeDave Edit)"
4-Indigenous Resistance IR 14 "Krikati: Power Outage Mix"
5-Indigenous Resistance IR 15 "Recommuniqation (Rebel Radio Mix)"
6-Indigenous Resistance IR 15 "She's Crying For Many (Freshmint Mix)"
7-Indigenous Resistance IR 15 "Revoluta"
8-Indigenous Resistance IR 15 "Indigenous & Sacred (Soy Sos Mix)"
9-Indigenous Resistance IR 17 "Sacred Power (Dubversion)"
10-Tchiya Amet RISE AGAIN TRUTH "Best Thing Yet"
11-Joy Harjo NATIVE JOY FOR REAL "Eagle Song"
12-Estun-Bah FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES "Sedona Sunrise"

Program #179:
1-Tha Tribe WOODLAND GROOVE "Opening Invocation" & "Contest Song"
2-Estun-Bah FROM WHERE THE SUN RISES "Together We Danced"
3-Randall Paskemin GOOD NIGHT, SWEET DREAMS, I LOVE YOU "Dance, Baby Dance!"
5-Walela WALELA "Earth Children"
6-Jay & Tiinesha Begaye NIGHT OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS "Grandfather's Teachings"
7-Bear Creek XI "Gagebei Giizhig (Whistled)"
8-Dearly & Denny LOVE HURTS, DUDE "Love Hurts, Dude"
9-Cree Confederation PAKOSIYIMITAN "Daddy's Baby Girl"
10-Joanne Shenandoah PEACE & POWER "Mother Of Nations"
11-Kevin Yazzie HOPE "Hope"
12-Rob Quist & Jack Gladstone ODYSSEY WEST "Somebody's Dream"
13-El Tempo "My Dream Island" 7"
14-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MORE MES "Asking The Wind"
15-Bob Dylan "Blowing In The Wind" THE WITMARK DEMOS 1962-1964
16-Blackfoot Confederacy "Exhibition Song" SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT

Program #178:
1-Peter Kater with Jeff Ball FACES OF THE SUN "Lone Hawk"
2-Kevin Yazzie HOPE "It's Morning"
3-Smith, Toppah & Landry RAIN IN JULY "True Melodies"
4-Wayne Silas Jr. UNCONDITIONAL "Around Tha World"
5-Thunder Hill RELENTLESS "Round Dance"
6-Gourd Woman THE ELDERS SPEAK "The Spiderman & The Giant"
7-Pipestone AS THE REZ TURNS "NDN Car"
8-Blackfoot Confederacy SETTING THE RECORD STRAIGHT "Chicken Dance"
9-Chillon Paddock ZEPHYR "Four Peyote Songs - track 3"
10-Jay & Tiinesha Begaye NIGHT OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS "Together We Walk"
11-R. Carlos Nakai, William Eaton & Will Clipman DANCING INTO SILENCE "The Way Home"

Program #177 webcast now available here:
1-Mutabaruka "Big Mountain"
2-Youssou N'Dour featuring Mutabaruka DAKAR-KINGSTON "Marley"
3-Ashwin Batish SITAR POWER 2 "Cowboys & Indians"
4-Peter Rowan REGGAEBILLY! "Sky Dancer"
5-Indian Nation RED SOUL "Peltier Freedom Now"
6-Little Wolf Band SACRED GROUND "Raven"
7-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Serpent"
8-Paul Zarzyski HANG 'N' RATTLE "Bob Dylan Bronc Song" Ghost Town Sound/NSR mix
9-Chester Knight STANDING STRONG "Strange How It Is"
10-Natalie Merchant LEAVE YOUR SLEEP "Topsyturvey World"
11-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Inner Strength"
12-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "A Warrior Is Born"
13-Louie Gonnie RHYTHMS WITHIN A TURQUOISE DREAM "Birth Of Rhythm"
14-The Heptones PARTY TIME "Now Generation"

Programs #176 - #145