MIDNIGHT DREAD began as a reggae radio show with its first regular airing on September 30th, 1979 on KTIM FM in San Rafael, California. It ran continuously from 1979 to 1985 on KTIM and then KQAK, 'The Quake' in San Francisco starting on March 4th, 1984. Here are the next set of playlists from The Quake era for July 15th thru October 14th, 1984:

Midnight Dread Program #251 (x247) aired Oct 14, 1984 on KQAK:
Silver Fox & Brother D "Grenada Up Against The Beast"
Peter Tosh "Johnny B. Goode" Live
The Viceroys "Take Care Of The Youths"
Michael Palmer "Mr. Booster"
Wild Bunch "Styler Boy"
Sugar Minott "No Vacancy"
Black Uhuru "Try It"
Oku Onuora & AK7 "Dread Times"
The Skatalites "Reasoning"
Mikey Dread "Pave The Way"
Mutabaruka "Any Means Necessary"
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" King Sporty 7" radio mix
Lee Perry "Mr. Music"
Dean Fraser "Redemption Song"
Freddie McGregor "Freedom Justice & Equality"
Junior Murvin "Strikes & Demonstrations"
Congo Ashanti Roy "Tell Them"
General Public "Are You Leading Me On"
UB40 "D.U.B."
Soul Syndicate "The Russians Are Coming"
Soul Syndicate "Harvest Uptown, Famine Downtown"
Cornell Campbell "Money"
Worldbeat DJ Jonathan E selections & interview
Aswad "5446 (Trouble Mix)" 12"
Kantata "Asiko"
Orlando Julius (OJ Ekemode) "Ashiko"
Derrick Harriott "Caribbean Style"
Puhol "Afrik Ambience"
Dirty Dozen Brass Band "Caravan"
Dr. Um "Bite It" 12"
James Brown & Afrika Bambaataa "Unity" 12"
Shadow "Together"
Onike "Bush Woman"
Michael Palmer "Can't Take The Fuss" 12"
Papa Face & Bionic Rhona "Bubblin' Hot" 12"
Arrow "Hot Hot Hot" 12"

Midnight Dread #250 (x246) aired Oct 7, 1984 on KQAK:
Aswad "Warrior Charge (Trouble Mix)" 12"
UB40 "If It Happens Again"
Black Uhuru "What Is Life" 12"
Paul Blake & The Blood Fire Posse "Rub A Dub Soldier" 12"
Whispering Lion "Don't Blame Your Pain On Me" 12"
Bob Andy "Level Vibes" 7"
Sugar Minott "Rydim" 7"
Brigadier Jerry "Jamaica Jamaica" 7"
Wild Bunch "Runaround"
Barrington Levy "Under Mi Sensi" 12"
Freddie McGregor "Across The Border" 12"
Jimmy Cliff "Reggae Movements" 12"
Sue Chaloner "Missin' Mr. Marley" 12"
Sue Chaloner "Missin' Mr. Marley Dub" 12"
Merva Grier "Feling Like A Million" 7"
Asher Senator "Fast Style Origination" 12"
Gladiators "Midrange" advance cassette
Eek-A-Mouse with Jah Malla "Queen Elizabeth" Live at Reggae Fest '84
Eek-A-Mouse with Jah Malla "Star, Daily News & Gleaner" Live at Reggae Fest '84
Augustus Pablo "Third Eye" 7"
Mutabaruka "Blacks In America"
Burning Spear "Christopher Columbus"
Burning Band "Pirate Dub"
Culture "Pirate Days"
Little Roy "Columbus Ship"
Little Roy with Ian Rock "Christopher Columbus" 7"
Mighty Diamonds "Morgan The Pirate" 12"
The Wailers "Slave Driver"
Oku Onuora & AK7 "Pressure Drop"
Soul Syndicate "Wicked A Go Feel It"
Mikey Dread "Everchanging World"
Augustus Pablo "Frozen Dub"
Augustus Pablo "Unfinished Melody"
Augustus Pablo "Java" 7"
Eek-A-Mouse with Jah Malla "The Night Before Christmas" Live at Reggae Fest '84
Bob Marley & The Wailers "Sun Is Shining"
Quake spillover: Madness "The Prince"
uncredited artist "Solidarity"
Augustus Pablo "Forever Dub" 7"
Black Uhuru "What Is Life" lp mix
General Public "Are You Leading Me On"
uncredited "Hello Again"

Midnight Dread #249 (x245) aired Sept 30, 1984 on KQAK:
Mutabaruka "Any Means Necessary"
Augustus Pablo "Jah Light"
message from Augustus Pablo
Augustus Pablo "Vibrate On" 12" radio mix
Eek-A-Mouse "Wa Do Dem"
Jah Malla "Disco Dub Ghetto Style" 12"
Michigan & Smiley "What A Life" 12"
Steel Pulse "Macka Dub" 12"
Brigadier Jerry "Jamaica Jamaica" 7"
Johnny Osbourne "Rewind" 7"
Bob Andy "Level Vibes" 7"
Freddie McGregor "Across The Border Version" 12"
Eastwood & Saint "Last Plane (One Way Ticket)" 7"
UB40 "If It Happens Again" 12"
Augustus Pablo "King Tubby Meets The Rockers Uptown"
Mutabaruka "Blacks In America"
Jah Malla "Africa Is Rising"
Soul Syndicate "There Is A Fire"
Eek-A-Mouse "Ganja Smuggling" Live at '82 Sunsplash
Michigan & Smiley "You See Me" 12"
Augustus Pablo "The Big Rip Off"
Augustus Pablo "Rockers Mood"
High Times Players "Death Row"
Mutabaruka "Set The Prisoners Free"
International Reggae All Stars "Reggae Reggae" 12"
Papa Michigan & General Smiley "Nice Up The Dance"
Eek-A-Mouse "Assassinator"
Eek A Mouse phone interview
Jah Malla with Sassafrass "Caution" 12"
Mutabaruka "Ode To Johnny Drughead" 12"
Michigan & Smiley "Diseases"
Augustus Pablo "Zion Hill"
Augustus Pablo "Rockers Dub"
Augustus Pablo "Point Blank"
Augustus Pablo "East Of The River Nile"
Mutabaruka "Canaan Land"
Mutabaruka "De System"
Eek-A-Mouse "Safari"
Michigan & Smiley "Sugar Daddy" 12"
Quake spillover: David Bowie "Don't Look Down"
Little Steven "Solidarity" segment

Midnight Dread #248 (x244) aired Sept 23, 1984 on KQAK:
Scientist "Round One"
Tony's uncredited intro music
Al Campbell "Turn Me Loose"
Skin Flesh & Bone/Lloyd Parks "Kung Fu Fighting" version & vocal 7"
Bob Marley "One Love Dub Version" 12"
Big Youth "Spiderman Meets Hulk In A Rub A Dub Style" 7"
Thoroughbred "Haul & Pull Up"
Sugar Minott "Rydim"
Thoroughbred "The Boom" 7"
Lee Perry "Fists Of Fury"
Phillip Frasier "Can't Take Resistance"
Mr. Bojangles "The Ten Dread Commandments" 7"
Round Two:
Horace Andy "Serious Thing" 12"
The Gladiators "Serious Thing" 7"
Sly & Robbie "Unmetered Taxi"
Mutabaruka "Remembrance"
unknown "A-1 Sound"?
unknown "Tribulation Sounds"?
Dennis Brown "Tribulation"
Horace Andy "User"
Lovindeer "Tough Tight & Dread" 7"
unknown "The Truth Is An Offense"?
Barrington Levy "Love Me With All Your Heart"
Ranking Joe "Dance Pon The Corner"
Willie Williams "Armagideon Time"
Toots & The Maytals "Scare Him" 7"
The Rio Grandes "(Moses Never Reach) The Promised Land"
Mad Professor "Oh Jah Dub"
Mighty Diamonds "Version"
Round Three:
Bunny Wailer "The Toughest"
Earth & Stone "Jah Will Cut You Down" 7"
unknown "Gimme African Love Dub"
Aswad "Warrior Charge '84" 12"
Sly & Robbie "Joe Frazer"
Black Roots "Juvenile Delinquent" 12"
Half Pint "Money Man Skank"
The Ethiopians "Monkey Money" 7"
Merva Grier "Feeling Like A Million" 7"
Joy White "Dread Out Deh" version & vocal 7"
unknown "Satta"?
Wayne Jarrett "Satta Dread" 10"
Augustus Pablo "Forever Dub" 7"
unknown "When I Fall In Love"
Mikey Dread "Knock Knock"
Sly & Robbie "Taxi Connection"
The Willows "Send Another Moses" 7"
Larry Marshall "Throw Me Corn"
Baba Brooks "This Is Thunder"
Sudden Dread Overtime:
Judah Eskender Tafari "Rasta Never Tell You" 7"
Ernie Smith "And As We Fight One Another For De Power & De Glory Jah Kingdom Goes To Waste" 7"
Toyan "Spin A Roll"
unknown "Backfire"
Frankie Paul "Be My Lady"
Patrick Alley "Come We Go Reason" 7"
Mikey Dread "Jumping Master" 12"
Rappa Robert "Jah Over We" 7"
General Public "Limited Balance"
Quake spillover: Hugh Masekela "Don't Go Lose It Baby" 12"
Bruce Cockburn "If I Had A Rocket Launcher"
unknown "My Way Back"?
unknown instrumental opening?

Midnight Dread #247 (x243) aired Sept 16, 1984 on KQAK:
Freddie McGregor "Across The Border" 12"
Mikey Dread "Pave The Way"
Peter Metro & Lady Anne "Bossanova" 12"
Rita Marley "One Draw" 12"
The Toyes "Two Joints" 12"
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" King Sporty Mix 7"
Bob Marley & The Wailers "Babylon System"
Bob Marley & The Wailers "Jump Nyabinghi"
U Roy "Listen To The Teacher"
Musical Youth "Young Generation"
Dennis Alcapone "Teach The Children"
Junior Murvin "False Teaching"
Trinity "School In Session"
The Morwells "Educate Your Mind"
Billy Boyo "Going Back To School"
Scotty "Children Children"
Steel Pulse "Grab Education"
Twinkle Brothers "Dub Examiner"
Twinkle Brothers "Set Some Example"
Twinkle Brothers "Battlefield"
Dillinger "Go To School"
Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Knowledge" 12"
The Meditations "The Book Of History"
The Heptones "The Book Of Rules" 7"
Peter Metro "Metric Conversion"
Ras Allah "Go To School"
Sly & Robbie "Sesame Street"
Scotty & The Crystalites "Sesame Street"
Trevor Lambert "Baldheaded Teacher"
Burning Spear "African Teacher"
Desmond Dekker & The Aces "The More You Live Is The More You Learn"
Eek A Mouse "School Boy"
The Congoes "The Education Of Brainwashing"
YELLOWMAN tribute:
Yellowman "Sensimilla" 12"
Yellowman "Nobody Move, Nobody Hurt"
Yellowman "Rub A Dub Partner" 12"
Yellowman "Disco Reggae" 12"
Moja Nya "Dance Reggae (Acapella Mix)" 12"
Oku Onuora "Pressure Drop"
Clint Eastwood "Sex Education Class"
Sugar Minott "Nice It Up"
Quake spillover: English Beat "Ranking Full Stop""
General Public "Tenderness" 12"
Uptones "Get Out Of My Way"
Dragon "Rain"

Midnight Dread #246 (x242) aired Sept 9, 1984 on KQAK:
DREAD 13 lps & singles:
The Congoes "Fisherman Dub"
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Di Great Insohreckshan"
Sister Carol "Reggae Gone International"
King Sunny Ade "Oremi"
Dennis Brown "Judge Not"
Gregory Isaacs "Streetwalker"
The Skatalites "Reasoning"
The Viceroys "Chancery Lane"
Brother D & Silver Fox "Grenada Up Against The Beast/Mi Nah Stop"
Wild Bunch "Indestructible Woman"
Lee Scratch Perry "Mr. Music"
Black Uhuru "Bull In The Pen"
Peter Tosh "Johnny B. Goode" live
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" King Sporty Mix 7"
Frankie Paul "Fire De A Mus Mus Tail" 12"
Barrington Levy "Under Mi Sensi" 12"
Papa Levi "Mi God Mi King" 12"
Whispering Lion "Don't Blame Your Pain On Me" 12"
Sugar Minott "Rub A Dub Sound" 12"
Wild Bunch "Runaround" 12"
Steel Pulse "Rollerskates" 12"
Jah Screechy "Walk & Skank" 12"
Jimmy Cliff "Reggae Movements" 12"
Sue Chaloner "Missin' Mister Marley" 12"
Bob Marley "Waiting In Vain" 12"
Black Uhuru "What Is Life" 12"
Moja Nya "Rise Up" 12"
Paul Blake & The Bloodfire Posse "Rub A Dub Soldier" 12"
The Mighty Diamonds "I Need A Roof"
The Mighty Diamonds "Wicked A Fight" 12"
Mighty Diamonds "Revolution"
MIghty Diamonds "Got To Get Away (Struggling)"
Mighty Diamonds "Coming Through"
Mighty Diamonds "The Poor Man's Prayer"
Mighty Diamonds "Pass The Kouchie"
Quake spillover: Little Steven "I Am A Patriot" 12"
Special AKA "Free Nelson Mandela" 12"
Bad Manners "That'll Do Nicely Sir"
Red Rockers "Eve Of Destruction"

Midnight Dread #245 (x241) aired Sept 2, 1984 on KQAK:
Jimmy Cliff "Reggae Movement" 12"
The Skatalites "Confucius"
The Pioneers "Money Day" 7"
Toots & The Maytals "Pee Pee Cluck Cluck"
Prince Buster "Texas Hold Up" 12"
Roland Alphonso "James Bond" 7"
Bad Manners "King Ska Fa"
Madness "Swan Lake"
The English Beat "Whine & Grine"
The English Beat "Dub Down Margaret" 7"
Lee Scratch Perry "Nice Time"
Prince Buster "Musical College" 7"
Prince Buster "Judge Dread" 7"
Bunny Wailer "The Toughest"
The Specials "A Message To Rudy"
Max Romeo "Wet Dream" 12"
Johnny Osbourne "Come Back Darling"
Ken Boothe "Train Is Coming Version" 7"
The Wailers "Rudie Part Two" 7"
Desmond Dekker "Rude Boy Train" (1980's remake)
The Selecter "James Bond (The Killer)"
Don Drummond "Ali Pang"
Vin Gordon "The Ska"
The Equators "Nightmare"
The English Beat "Too Nice To Talk To Dubweiser" 12"
Princess Buster "Ten Commandments From Woman To Man" RCA
Leroy Sibbles "Rock Steady Party"
Heptones "Party Time"
Dub Specialist "Party Dub"
The Paragons "On The Beach"
Sly & Robbie "Indiana Jones"
Treasure Dub "Toughest Version"
Dennis & Lizzy "Cry Tough (DJ)"
Alton Ellis "Cry Tough"
Slim Smith "Out Of Love"
David Lindley & El-Rayo X "Bye Bye Love"
Flo & Eddie "Rock With Me Baby"
The Melodians "Rock It With Me"
Matumbi "Bluebeat & Ska"
UB40 "Keep On Moving"
Lee Scratch Perry "Tiger Lion"
Yellowman "Movin' On"
Michigan & Smiley "Reggae Ska" 12"
Blue Riddim Band "Twistin' The Night Away"
David Lindley & El-Rayo X "Twist & Shout"
The Selecter "Too Much Pressure" 7"
King Perry "Doctor Dick" 7"
Madness "Tarzans Nuts"
The English Beat "Ranking Full Stop"
The Specials "You're Wondering Now"
Madness "One Step Beyond (Spanish Version)" 12"
Gil Scott-Heron "Re-Ron" 12"

Midnight Dread #244 (x240) aired Aug 26, 1984 on KQAK:
Lee Scratch Perry "Mr. Music"
Sue Chaloner "Missing Mister Marley" 12"
Bob Marley "Coming In From The Cold"
Roger Steffens' Reports on Reggae Sunsplash '84 begin:
Burning Spear "Slavery Days" live
Memory Of Justice Band "Me & My Crew" 7"
Ini Kamoze "World Of Reggae"
Eek-A-Mouse "Ganja Smuggling" live at '82 Sunsplash
Roger Steffens' Reports on Reggae Sunsplash '84 end:
Aswad "Chasing For The Breeze"
Peter Tosh "Coming In Hot" live
Gregory Isaacs "Cool Down The Pace" 10"
Zap Pow "Be Cool" 7"
Zap Pow "Cooler Cool" 7"
Garland Jeffreys "Cool Down Boy"
Bunny Wailer "Cool Runnings" 12"
The Ethiopians "Cool It Amigo"
The Heptones "Cool Rasta Cool" 7"
which knocks the Sutro Tower transmitter off the air for over 45 seconds (just 4 seconds on cd)
The Heptones "Cool Rasta Version" 7"
Peter Ranking & General Lucky "Cool Youth"
Horace Andy "Cool & Deadly"
Echo Minott "Cool & Deadly"
Don Drummond & Skatalites "Cool Smoke"
Third World "Night Heat (Cold Sweat Dub)" 7"
Lee Perry "Cold Weather"
The Morwells "Cold Cold World"
The Morwells "The Morwell Strikes Again"
Black Uhuru "Chill Out In New York" 12"
Augustus Pablo "Frozen Dub"
Prince Fari, Singers & Players "Water The Garden"
Lee Perry "Throw Some Water In"
Tony Moses "Strawberry Canyon" live at Wolfgang's 7/25/84
Tony Moses "Midnight Ravers" live at Wolfgang's 7/25/84
Jimmy Cliff "Reggae Movement" & "Dub Movement" 12"
The Clash "The Cool Out" 12"
Whispering Lion "You Ain't Cool" 12"
Devo "Through Being Cool"
unplanned sudden dread reggae/rock overtime with Doug behind the scenes:
Bad Manners "That'll Do Nicely" rare 12" mix
Little Steven "Solidarity"
The Beatles "Drive My Car Dub" J.T. mix
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" (King Sporty mix)
Rhoda Dakar & Special AKA "The Boiler"
Psychedelic Furs "Here Come Cowboys"
Squeeze "Cool For Cats"
Alison Moyet "Love Resurrection"
Elvis Costello "The Only Flame In Town"
Nick Lowe & His Cowboy Outfit "Love Like A Glove"
Lene Lovich "New Toy" segment

Midnight Dread #243 (x239) aired Aug 19, 1984 KQAK:
X RAY MUSIC Special:
Black Uhuru "Who's In The Tomb"
Pablo Moses "Dubbing Is A Must" 12"
J. Osbourne, Earl 16, J. Lara, & John Earl Jenny "Dub Street" 7"
Dub Specialist "Darker Dub"
Dub Specialist "Better Dub"
Dub Specialist "Peaceful Valley"
Junior Murvin & Upsetters "Dub No. 1" 7"
Heptones & Upsetters "Sufferer's Dub" 7"
Leo Graham "Bad Lamp" 7"
The Wailers "Kaya Version" 7"
Bob Marley "Concrete" 7"
Jimmy Cliff "Roots Radical" 12"
Sly & Robbie "Apocalypse"
Dub Poets Dub "Illusion"
King Tubby "1st Generation King Tubby"
King Tubby "Scientist Sound Called Earthquake"
Scientist "Blood On His Lips"
Augustus Pablo "Arabian Rock"
Scientist & Sugar Minott "Scientist Loves Chalice"
Augustus Pablo "Lightning & Thunder"
Scientist "War & Crime"
Sugar Minott, Sly & Robbie "Rub & Dub" 12"
Bullwackie "Uptown I"
Bullwackie "Batta Rock"
Tad's Logic Band "Live Dub"
Aswad "Dub Fire"
Blackbeard "Electrocharge"
LKJ & The Dub Band "Shocking Dub"
Dub Syndicate "Humorless Journalist Works To Rules"
Mad Professor "Java Gone Crazy"
Lee Scratch Perry "Mr. Music"
Jah Screechie "Walk & Skank" 12"
The Cimarons "Walk Like A Man"
I-Tones "Walk On By" 12"
Bunny Wailer "Walk The Proud Land"
Yellowman "Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt" 12"
Eastwood & Saint "Talk About Run" 12"
Michael Palma & Aswad "Me Nah Run (Do Good)" 10"
Aswad "Chasing For The Breeze" 12"
Aswad "Dub Chase" 12"
Black Uhuru "Solidarity" 12"
Peter Ranking & General Lucky "Walk & Talk" 12"
The Be At Alls "Auto Dub" J.T. mix
Musical Youth "She's Trouble" Special Extended Mix 12"

Midnight Dread #242 (x238) aired Aug 12, 1984 KQAK:
Wild Bunch "Run-A-Round"
Frankie Paul "Strange Feeling"
Reggae Regulars "Tribute To The D.J."
The Skatalites "Eastern Rock"
Sister Carol "Murdee"
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Reggae Fi Radni"
Meditations "Lucifer"
Wailing Souls "Jah Give Us Life"
Viceroys "Voice Like Thunder"
King Sunny Ade with Stevie Wonder "Ase"
Silver Fox/Brother D "Ina Two Style/How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise" cassette
Peter Tosh "Johnny B. Goode" Live L.A.'s Greek Theatre 1983
Black Uhuru "Party In Session" (US remix)
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" segment
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" complete
Sue Chaloner "Missin' Mr. Marley" 12"
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" (King Sporty mix)
Black Uhuru "Sinsemilla" 12"
Black Uhuru "Somebody's Watching You" (UK mix)
Black Uhuru "General Penitentiary"
interview with Puma Jones of Black Uhuru begins
Black Uhuru "Abortion"
Black Uhuru "What Is Life" UK 12"
Black Uhuru "Solidarity" (US mix)
Black Uhuru "Bull In The Pen" (US mix)
Black Uhuru "Black Uhuru Anthem" (US mix)
Black Uhuru "World Is Africa"
Black Uhuru "Guess Who's Coming To Dinner" 12"
Black Uhuru "Mondays" segment
Black Uhuru "Mondays" complete
interview with Puma Jones of Black Uhuru concludes
King Sunny Ade & His African Beats "Oremi"
King Sunny Ade & His African Beats "Synchro System" 12"
Bob Marley "Babylon System" (unreleased alternate version)

Midnight Dread #241 (x237) -3 1/2 hour edition- aired Aug 5, 1984 KQAK:
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" (King Sporty mix)
Black Uhuru "What Is Life" 12"
Prince Hammer "Warika Hill" 12"
Jah Screechy "Walk And Skank" 12"
Sister Carol "International Style" 12"
Paul Blake & The Bloodfire Posse "Rub A Dub Soldier" 12"
Marcia Griffiths "Children Of Israel" 12"
Papa Levi "Mi God Mi King" 12"
Dennis Brown "Armagideon" 12"
Peter Metro & Lady Anne "Bossanova" 12"
Moja Nya "Rise Up" 12"
Frankie Paul "Tushupeng" 12"
Sugar Minott "Rub A Dub Sound" 12"
Steel Pulse "Roller Skate" 12"
Bob Marley "Waiting In Vain" 12"
Sugar Minott "Good Thing Going" 12"
Sugar Minott "Wicked A Go Feel It" 12"
Sugar Minott "Slice Of The Cake"
Wednesday Night Scheduled Line-up:

Ras Michael & The Sons Of Negus "Rasta Liveth"
The Skatalites "Eastern Rock"
Lloyd Parks "Slaving"
Derrick Morgan "Never Gonna Give Up A No Duppy" 7"
Ken Boothe "Welfare People" 12"
Delroy Wilson "Suspicion" 12"
Burning Spear "Lion" LIVE
Thursday Night Scheduled Line-up:
Oku Onuora "Reflections In Red" 7"
Ini Kamoze "General"
Yellowman "Jah Mek Us Fe A Purpose" & "Herbman Special" LIVE REGGAE SUNSPLASH 1982
Gregory Isaacs "Soon Forward" LIVE REGGAE SUNSPLASH 1981
Friday Night Scheduled Line-up:
Robert Ffrench "Gwan Go Do It" 7"
Josie Wales "Wha Dem A Go Do" 7"
Carlene Davis "Ism Scism" 7"
Tyrone Taylor "Free South Africa" 7"
Jah Malla "Caution" 12"
Eek A Mouse "Ganja Smuggling" LIVE REGGAE SUNSPLASH 1982
Sugar Minott "Oh Mr. D.C." LIVE REGGAE SUNSPLASH 1983
Dennis Brown "So Jah Say" LIVE MONTREAUX 1979
Saturday Night Scheduled Line-up:
Count Ossie & The Mystic Revelation of Rastafari "Sam's Intro"
King Sounds "Patches" 7"
Bob Andy "Feeling Soul"
Papa Levi "Bonnie & Clyde" 12"
Freddie McGregor "Across The Border" LIVE AT WOLFGANG'S 6/13/84
Third World "96 Degrees In The Shade" LIVE REGGAE SUNPLASH 1981
plus Special AKA "The Boiler"

'Rock of the 80's' KQAK programming fills out rest of master with:
Blondie "The Tide Is High" (at 'Old Blondie' speed)
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier" King Sporty mix
English Beat "I Confess"
Alison Moyet "Love Resurrection (Remix)"
Billy Idol "Flesh For Fantasy (Below The Belt Mix)"

Midnight Dread #240 (x236) aired July 29, 1984 KQAK:
Moja Nya "Rise Up" & "Up Rise" 12"
Bunny Wailer "Rise And Shine" 12"
Judy Mowatt "Sisters Chant"
The Wild Bunch "Run-A-Round"
The Pioneers "Belly Gut"
Toots & The Maytals "Funky Kingston" 12"
The Skatalites "After The Rain"
Lee Perry "Rub & Squeeze" 7"
Peter Tosh "Bush Doctor" live L.A. Greek Theatre
Viceroys "Take Care Of The Youths"
Dennis Brown "Armageddon" 12"
Lambs Bread "Culture" demo
Vision "Dub" & "Sedition" demo
Ras Kiddus Roots Connection "Tribulation"
Ras Kiddus Roots Connection "Tribulation Dub"
Vince Black & Culture & The Dub Deputy "Warning" live 7/7/83 Wolfgang's
Isawah "Rank & Skank" 12"
Black Star featuring Jah Big "Rock On Down" demo
Whispering Lion "Don't Blame Your Pain On Me" 12"
Mustapho Man "Laundromat Lady" demo
Children Of Jah "Vegetarian Roots" demo
Bob Marley "Jammin' (remix)" 12"
Stevie Wonder "Masterblaster (Jammin') Dub" 12"
Lee Perry "Bed Jamming"
Papa Face "Jamming" 10"
Bunny Wailer "Jammings"
Black Uhuru "Solidarity"
Paul Blake & The Bloodfire Posse "Rub-A-Dub Soldier" 12"
Chalice "I'm Trying"

Overnight Quake shift starts:
Juluka "Scatterlings Of Africa"

Midnight Dread #239 (x235) -1st four hour Quake show- aired July 22, 1984 KQAK:
Judy Mowatt "Down In The Valley"
Moja Nya "Up Rise" 12"
King Sunny Ade "Ase"
Black Uhuru "Bull In The Pen"
Messenjah "Rastaman Dub" 12"
Judy Mowatt "Only A Woman"
Judy Mowatt "Emergency Call"
Judy Mowatt "Traveling Woman" 7"
Judy Mowatt "Didn't I Do It"
Judy Mowatt "Black Woman"
Judy Mowatt "You're My People" & "Dub" 7"
Jaharmi "Don't Take Way The Music" 7"
Tony Moses interview
The Rastafarians "Occupation" segment
The Rastafarians "Occupation"
Tony Moses "Got To Make A Change" Live At Wolfgang's 1984
Moses Levi "Enemies Dub" 12" (as Tony seizes control:)
Peter Tosh "Johnny B. Goode" 10"
Hugh Mundell "Going Places"
Barry Brown "Things & Time (So Rough)" 10"
Wayne Jarrett "Satta Dread" 10"
Bob Marley "Satisfy My Soul"
Freddie McGregor "Big Ship"
Leroy Sibbles "Give Me What Is Mine"
Gregory Isaacs "Top Ten"
uncredited "Love At First Sight Dub"
Thoroughbred "Boom Shaka Laka" 7"
Danny Dread I "Slap You With Music" 10"
Max Romeo "I Do Love My Music" 7"
Dennis Brown "Deceiving Girl" 12"
Moja Nya "Rise Up" 12"
fist to fist rub a dub-plate, Midnight Dread up first:

Silver Fox & Brother D "Silver Fox Ina Two Style /
How We Gonna Make The Black Nation Rise" cassette
Sugar Minott "In A Dance Hall Style" 10"
The Wailers with Lee Perry "Kaya Dub" 7"
Soul Power & Sound "Yard Music Style Dub" 7"
Soul Power & Sound "The Right Procedure" & "Dub" 7"
Barrington Levy "Just Like A Soldier" 12"
Principal "Don't Shoot Me Boss" 7"
Hugh Mundell "Hey Good Looking Version" 12"
Bob Marley "Buffalo Soldier (King Sporty Version)" 7"
Frankie Paul "If I Had A Wing" 7"
Mikey Dread "Roots & Culture" 10" dubplate
Dickie Ranking "Me Healthy" 7"
The Wailers "Run For Cover" 7"
Barrington Levy "Don't Give Up" 12"
Peter Tosh "Mark Of The Beast" 7"
Al Campbell "Jah Army" 12"
Winston Jarrett "Work Up Yourself"
Papa Philip Levi "Mi God Mi King" 12" (Tony's final shot)

Midnight Dread #238 (x234) aired July 15, 1984 KQAK:
Gil Scott-Heron "Storm Music"
Jimmy Cliff "Give The People What They Want"
Black Uhuru "Anthem"
Reggae Regular "Jah Festival"
Jah Screechy "Walk & Skank" 12"
Victor Uwaifo & The Titti Bittis "Destiny"
Dallol "Reggae Boogie" & "Kinky Dub" 7"
Sonny Okosun "Steady & Slow"
Johnny & Sipho "Inkunzi Ayi Hlabi Ngo Kusima"
Gregory Isaacs "Dieting"
Yabby You "Chant Down Babylon"
Al Campbell "Bad Boy" 12"
Wailing Souls "Jah Give Us Life" 12"
Don Carlos "Declaration Of Rights"
Eek A Mouse "Safari"
Eek A Mouse "Daily News, Star & Gleaner"
The Itals "In Deh"
Mighty Diamonds "Wicked A Fight"
Sugar Minott "Strictly Sensi"
Sister Carol "International Style"
Linton Kwesi Johnson "Reggae Fi Radni"
The Wailers "I Shot The Sheriff"
The Meditations "Rasta Shall Conquer"
King Sunny Ade "365 Is My Number"
Joshua Sithole "Give Us A Chance"
Sonny Okosun "Wait"
Dallol "Children Of Africa" 7"
Blue Riddim "Nancy Reagan" 12"
Misty In Roots "Intro" LIVE COUNTER-EUROVISION 1979
Aswad "Not Satisfied"
Clint Eastwood & General Saint "Vote For We"
The Astronauts "International Slackness" 7"
Benjamin Zephania "No Politicians"
UB40 "Folitician" 12"
Midnight Dreaditorial on 'True Democracy' Part 1
Johnny Osbourne "Politician"
Midnight Dreaditorial on 'True Democracy' Part 2
Bob Marley "Revolution"
Mighty Diamonds "Revolution"
Jimmy Cliff "Piece Of The Pie"
Delroy Washington "Freedom Fighters"
Steel Pulse "Rally Round (True Democracy)"
Peter Tosh "Equal Rights"

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