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Listen Up Time Travelers!

Trouble Survival Midnight Dread #212 January 15th 1984 KTIM Part 1 by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

Trouble Survival Part 2 Midnight Dread #212 January 15th-16th 1984 KTIM by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

Haul Up, Cool Down, Cease Fire Midnight Dread #211 January 8th 1984 KTIM Part 1 by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

Haul Up, Cool Down, Cease Fire Part 2 Midnight Dread #211 January 8-9th 1984 KTIM by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

More Year End Wrap Up with Roger Steffens MD #210 January 1st 1984 KTIM Part 1 by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

More Year End Wrap Up Part 2 MD with Roger Steffens #210 January 1st 1984 KTIM by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

plus these classics:

Year End Wrap Up Two MD #157 with Roger Steffens & Timothy White Dec 26 1982 KTIM Pt 1 by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

'81 Reggae Wrap Up MD #105 with Roger Steffens Dec 27-28 1981 KTIM Pt 1 by Midnight Dread on Mixcloud

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"Tosh loved the truth so much he had to sue his record label & wait 4 years for the release of his last lp"
Wendt's November 1987 Pulse! column Review of Peter's No Nuclear War cd via Midnight Raver

Vintage Midnight Dread press clippings

May 1st, 2012 recent series Premier Program

If You Are A Dancer
World Beat Is The Answer

Dancers at Doug's video party, front page San Francisco Examiner

Kennel Club fave & tv coverage:

Several recent shows curated by Doug now on our World Beat radio page

Psyche Your Delic with sounds of the DEEP SIXTIES in
Doug's recent Man Of Constant Sorrow style radio show

Completed: The legendary Midnight Dread playlists from
the 1984 broadcasts on KTIM & San Francisco's KQAK, The Quake.
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Complete KTIM playlists from 1979-1983
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1984 KQAK 'The Quake' Midnight Dread radio programs in
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Highlights from Tony Moses & Doug's December 3rd Co-birthday Celebration

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We've got Art Clokey's Gumby MD's exclusive report


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Mikey Dread cut his distinctive Midnight Dread stingers for me at KTIM in March of 1980
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Mikey passed away way too soon. Zion destination Drrrreeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!!!!!!!
Love up Mikey,

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