MIDNIGHT DREAD headlining META MIX Reggae On The River, California, August 4th, 2002 DJ DOUG WENDT by Doug Wendt on Mixcloud

Reggae On The River

Doug Wendt unveiled tracks from his custom-mix project DEEP WORD DUB during the past few REGGAE ON THE RIVER festivals. Combinations like "Transglobal Tableset", "Scratch Loop Dub", "Dread Alert", "The Clockhand's Running (with Paul Zarzyski & Jah Provide)", "Self-Basting Dub", "West Indian", "Cowbwoy", "Rock River Tree", "Ask Not Dub", "Pygmy Monk Dub", "Words", and "Verbal Alchemy" have debuted there. Here are Midnight Dread Sound System playlists from some of those shows.

Reggae On The River Sets
featuring Midnight Dread & Invisible Mon

FRIDAY AUGUST 5th, 2005- Midnight Dread set before the Native American Opening Ceremony live:
  • Sinead O'Connor "Jah No Dead"
  • Waak Waak Jungi "Kava Song"
  • Buffy Sainte-Marie "Fallen Angels (Kingston dub)"
  • The Jay Boys "African People" Midnight Dread set before Transglobal Underground live:
  • Joy "Om Anandamayi"
  • Bobby McFerrin "Anantarivo"
  • Chinna Smith "Whe Mi Dub?"
  • Brian Wilson "Mrs. O'Leary's Cow"
  • Augustus Pablo & Hugh Mundell "Nature Provides"
  • African Head Charge "Pursuit"
  • Horace X "Humanity (Strategy remix)"
  • Thievery Corporation with Sleepy Wonder & Gujan "Warning Shots"
  • Brooklyn Funk Essentials with Papa Dee "Mambo Con Dancehall"
  • Bob Marley & Wailers "Satisfy My Soul Version"

    SATURDAY AUGUST 6th, 2005- Invisible Mon set before Fred Coyote live:
  • (to be listed eventually) Midnight Dread set before O-Maya live:
  • Observer "Reggaematic"
  • Little Satch "Boss Society"
  • Niney "I Soon Know"
  • Keith Hudson "Barbican" & "Rhythm"
  • Cultural Roots "Can't Fight Reality"
  • Mother Nature "Fire Burn"
  • Michael Prophet "Let It Rain"
  • Freddy McKay "It Get So Hot" Midnight Dread set before Prezident Brown live:
  • Johnny Clarke "Babylon"
  • Jah Lloyd "Zion Zone"
  • Cimarons "Rooting For A Cause"

    SUNDAY AUGUST 7th, 2005- Midnight Dread set before Lost Coast Marimba Band live:
  • Casper Loma-Dawa "Honour The People"
  • Bob Marley & Wailers "Roots Rock Reggae Dub"
  • Fatman "Aggro Dub"
  • Justin Hinds & Black Disciples "Fall Forward"
  • Jah Wisdom "Fret Not Thyself"
  • Black Roots "Juvenile Delinquent"
  • Mother Nature "Ganja Smuggling" Invisible Mon set before David Kirton live:
  • (to be listed eventually) Midnight Dread set before Alpha Blondy live:
  • The Gaylads "Africa"
  • Tinariwen "Amassakoul 'N' Tenere"
  • Bigga Bush Vs. Kocani Orkestar "L'Orient Est Roots"
  • The Melodians "Stop Your Gang War"
  • Bob Marley & Wailers "She's Gone Dub"
  • King Tubby "Crucial"
  • Sinead O'Connor "Throw Down Your Arms"
  • Oku & Jimmy Cliff loop intro to-
  • Oku Onuora "Reflection In Red"
  • The Slickers "Every Wolf" & "Dub"
  • Peter Tosh "Get Up Stand Up" original Jamaican version 2005 mix highlights cd available thru our online store.

    Reggae On The River Sets
    featuring Midnight Dread & Invisible Mon

    FRIDAY AUGUST 6th, 2004- Midnight Dread set before the Native American Opening Ceremony live:
  • Natural Vibrations "Reggae On The River"
  • Beresford Hammond "River Bank"
  • Tchiya Amet "World Peace"
  • Hot Chocolate Band "Give Peace A Chance" 7"
  • Hubert Porter with George Moxey & his Calypso Quintet "Monkey Talk"
  • Don Drummond "Freedom Sounds"
  • U Roy & The Melodians "Rock Away"
  • Stranger Cole "Black Son" 10"
  • Israel Kamakawiwo'ole "Thunder From Heaven"
  • Wimme "Inka (Thunder)"
  • Joanne Shenandoah "Her Dance"
  • Mary Youngblood "Passions To Ignite"
  • Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice "She Had Some Horses" Invisible Mon set before Quinto Sol live:
  • Red I "Salta Y Manea"
  • Toots, Roots & Boots "Funky Kingston"
  • The Chosen Few "Collie Stuff"
  • Borracho Y Loco "Blacksound"
  • Yeska "Fideo (Para Aqui)"
  • Skiptooth "Rum And Coke"
    Midnight Dread set before Nasio Fontaine live:
  • Gilberto Gil "Kaya"
  • Toots & The Maytals "Maggie's Farm" & "Dub"
  • Benjamin Zephania "No Politician"
  • Peter Tosh "Recruiting Soldiers Dub"
  • I Word "Shout (One Love Is Enough)"
  • Roland Alphonso "Sweet Soul Ride"
  • Lila Downs "Mother Jones"
  • I Roy "Dub Broke"

    SATURDAY AUGUST 7th, 2004- Midday Dread set before NPK live:
  • Interns "Do We Have To Fight"
  • Ruff 'N Tuff Players "Ruff & Tuff"
  • Chosen Brothers "Mash Down Babylon"
  • Freddy McKay "I'm A Free Man"
  • I Word "Spread The Word"
  • Wailers "Rolling Stone" (Midnight Dread mix)
  • Blackbeard "White Hall Scandal"
  • Barry Brown "Things & Time" 10"
  • Hedge & Donna "Guava Jelly"
  • The Rastafarians "Occupation"
  • Burning Spear "Down By The Riverside"
  • Silver Fox & Brother D "In A 2 Style..." Invisible Mon set before Groundation live:
  • Casper Loma Dawa "Crossing The Borders"
  • Alpha Blondy "Hey Jack"
  • Al Campbell "Politician"
  • Jah Provide "No More Politricks"
  • Casselberry-DuPree "Why Do You Keep Singing Songs Of War" Midnight Dread set before Detour Posse live:
  • Los Mocosos "Senor President"
  • B. Aitken & Soul Brothers "Kiss Bam Bam" 12"
  • Wailers "Wake Up & Live Dub"
  • Congregation "Guns & War"
  • Culture & I Roy "Calling Rastafari/River Jordan" 12"

    SUNDAY AUGUST 8th, 2004- Midnight Dread set before The Ideals live:
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers "Want More" (alternative mix)
  • Mikey Dread "Ancestral Dub"
  • Chester Knight & The Wind "History"
  • Bobby Ellis "Movements Of His Majesty"
  • Desmond Dekker "Jamaica Farewell"
  • Tiken Jah Fakoly "Discrimination"
  • Mossman & Bunny "Mad World Dub"
  • Bigga Bush vs. Kocani Orkestra "L'Orient Est Roots"
  • Sergeant Garcia "Mi Ultima Voluntad"
  • Bernard Collins "Satta Don"
  • Jaharmi "Jomo Kenyatta" 7"
  • Wild Bunch "Mr. President Man"
  • Michael Rose "Rude Boys (Dodge City Mix)" Midnight Dread set before Bayanga live:
  • Rod Deal & The Ideals "Just Say No"
  • Hortense Ellis "Jah Mysterious Works"
  • Wailing Souls "Wild Suspense"
  • Michael Rose "The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carrol" & "Dub"
  • Alton Ellis "The People"
  • Issa Bagayogo "Dya Bana" Midnight Dread selection before Loco Bloco live:
  • Sugar Minott "No Vacancy" & "Dub" 10" Midnight Dread set before Easy Star All Stars DUB SIDE OF THE MOON live:
  • The Duke Reid Group "Man May Go, Man May Come"
  • Willie Williams "Turn On The Power" 12" Midnight Dread set before Michael Franti & Spearhead live:
  • Midnight Dread "Scratch Loop Dub"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers "Rastaman Live Up" (alternative mix)
  • Jimmy Cliff "Treat The Youths Right" (Midnight Dread radio mix)
  • Los Mocosos "Genius"
  • Ladysmith Black Mambazo "Music Knows No Boundaries"
  • King Stitt "Rhyming Time" 7"
  • Dayjah "Terrorist" 10" (during Julia Butterfly talk)
  • Winston Reedy "Message To Father"
  • Sugar Minott "Strictly Sensi" & "Sensi Dub" 2004 mix highlights cd available thru our online store.

    Reggae On The River Sets
    featuring Midnight Dread & Invisible Mon

    FRIDAY AUGUST 1st, 2003- Midnight Dread set before John Trudell live:
  • Charles Red Hawk Thom "Charley's Song"
  • Greg Young-Ing "Bury My Heart"
  • Jeanette Armstrong "Threads Of Old Memory Dub"
  • Mari Boine "Maid (What Do You Want From Life)"
  • Charles Red Hawk Thom "Earth Healing"
  • Chester Knight "Last Dance"
  • Midnight Dread mix "West Indian" with Quiltman & Ben Wa
  • Native Roots "Rain Us Love"
  • Robbie Robertson & Midnight Dread "Red Alert Loop" & "In The Blood (Goldhawk Mix)"
  • Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice "She Had Some Horses"
  • The Aggrovators "Chief Crazy Horse" 7"
  • Casper Loma-Da-Wa "How The West Was Won"
  • Lone Ranger "Lone Ranger & Tonto"
  • Shadowyze "Pedigree" Midnight Dread set before Ben Harper live:
  • Dennis Bovell "Rowing" 12"
  • Heaven Bound "Row Fisherman Row"
  • Junior Byles "Fun & Games/Motion Dub"
  • Carlton Coffie "Chant Away" 12"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers "Dub Ranking"
  • Roman Stewart "Herbie Skank"
  • Brigadier Jerry "Every Man A Me Brethren" 12"
  • Jah Woosh "Free I Soul"
  • Max Romeo "Smile Out Of Style"
    SATURDAY AUGUST 2nd, 2003- Invisible Mon set before Bembeya Jazz live:
  • The Ice Breakers with The Diamonds "Work Out"
  • Joanna Connor live in Black Eagle, Montana "Smoke It Up Medley" (mixed by Invisible Mon)
  • Jacob Benenate DUB PLATE SELECTION 1"High Stepper Dub"
  • Carlton Pride Dub Rockers "Wind Cries Mary"
  • Pam Pam "Lock'd up In A Box"
  • Jacob Benenate "Respect & Equality"
  • The Classics "Sex Education" 7"
  • Dubchek "Lee Perry"
  • The Clash/Dubya "The Call Up/Bushwacked (Mick Sleeper Mix)"
  • Skatalites "Ball Of Fire"
  • Yeska "Walter's House"
  • Arthur Kay's Originals "Play My Record"
  • Shake Keane "Gorby Gets Them Going"
  • Carlton Pride live in Great Falls, Montana "Roots Alive" (mixed by Invisible Mon)
    SUNDAY AUGUST 3rd, 2003-
    Midnight Dread set before Pato Banton live:
  • Rod Deal "Earth, Air & Sea"
  • Don Carlos "Harvest Time"
  • Barrington Spence with The Earthquakes "A Serious Joint" & "Heavy Joint" 7"
  • Winston Jarrett "I Shen Galore" 12"
  • Orange Street "I & I Culture"
  • Lui Lepke (with Al Campbell) "Educate The Nation" 7" Midnight Dread set before Toots & The Maytals live:
  • Upsetters "Big Cockey Dub" 7"
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers "Roots, Rock, Reggae Dub"
  • Skatalites "Shockers Rock" 12"
  • Prince Fari "Mighty Ruler" and "Jah Do That"
  • Gladiators "A Nuh Everything"
  • Niney The Observer "Observer's Style" 2003 mix highlights cd available thru our online store.

    Reggae On The River Sets
    featuring Midnight Dread & Invisible Mon

    FRIDAY AUGUST 2nd, 2002- Set before Lost Coast Marimba Band live:
  • Midnight Dread's RIVER SUITE:
  • Israel Vibration "Dubbing In The River" & "Reggae On The River"
  • Reggae Cowboys "Reggae On The River"
  • Ababa "River Dub" & "Silent River"
  • Wingless Angels "Rivers Of Babylon"
  • Skavoovie & The Epitones "Riverboat"
  • Prince Malachi & Prince Bob "River Nile"
  • Israel Vibration "Black Muddy River"
  • Bad Manners "Red River Ska"
  • Fania with Horace Andy "Yagou"
  • Midnight Dread mix (pre- DEEP WORD DUB release) "West Indian" with Quiltman & Ben Wa Invisible Mon set before North Coast Underground live:
  • David Kirton live in Helena, Montana "International Herb Medley" & "War/No More Trouble/Get Up Stand Up" (mixed by Invisible Mon)
  • Ben Harper "You Can't Blame The Youth" Invisible Mon & Midnight Dread set before King Chango live:
  • The Clash "Bank Robber Dub" (mixed by Mikey Dread)
  • Little Steven "Native American"
  • Peter Tosh "Igziabeher (Let Jah Be Praised)"
  • The Heptones "In The Groove"
  • Holy Cross Choir "Khona Manje"
  • Sanacore "Nun Te Seurda"
    SATURDAY AUGUST 3rd, 2002-
    Invisible Mon set before Sudden Rush live:
  • David Kirton live in Helena, MT "Punky Reggae Party" (mixed by Invisible Mon)
  • Isaac Selassie "Dear Bob"
  • Junior Murvin "Police & Thieves" Invisible Mon set before Katt & The Revolutionary Dream Band live:
  • Apache Indian "Aids Warning"
  • The Skatalites "Ball Of Fire"
  • Tokyo Ska Orchestra "Instrumental"
  • Sister Carol "Wicked Collie" Midnight Dread set before 3 Canal live:
  • Cubanismo "Get Up, Stand Up"
  • Delroy Denton "Give Thanks"
  • Leroy 'Horsemouth' Wallace "Herb Vendor"
  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry "Bush Weed" Midnight Dread set before Sean Paul & Detour Posse live:
  • The Gladiators (featuring Clinton Fearon) "Bongo Red"
  • Wailin' Redux "Bongo Bushman Dub"
  • Rod Deal "Helicopters"
    SUNDAY AUGUST 4th, 2002-
    Midnight Dread set before Native American tree planting ceremony:
  • Wailin' Redux "Misty Morning" & "Musty Mourning" (mixed by Muzik Shack) Rod Deal set before Youth Exodus live (selected/mixed by Midnight Dread):
  • Rod Deal "2,000,000 Acres"
  • Rod Deal "You Have No Right"
  • Rod Deal "Marijuana Man" Midnight Dread set before Dub FX live:
  • Alton Ellis "I Can't Stand It" (Midnight Dread radio & live mix)-debut DEEP WORD DUB track
  • The Mighty Diamonds "Wicked A Fight"
  • Paul Zarzyski & Jah Provide "The Clockhand's Running" (Midnight Dread mix)-debut DEEP WORD DUB track
  • Bob Marley & The Wailers "Surviving Dub"
  • Augustus Pablo "Jah Light"
  • Native Roots "Natives Say"
  • Misty In Roots "Dance Hall Babylon" Midnight Dread set before Burning Spear live closes the festival:
  • Midnight Dread's META MIX:
  • Mouse On Mars "Mykologics"
  • Beats International "Echo Chamber" segment
  • Bob Marley "Could You Be Loved" segment
  • The Beatles "Come Together" segment
  • Jr. Reid & The Soup Dragons "I'm Free" segments
  • Ba-Benzele Pygmies & other secret ingredients
  • Lincoln Thompson & The Rasses "Mechanical Devices"
  • Third World "Lives In The Balance"
  • Wyclef Jean "Redemption Song"
  • Reggae Cowboys "Reggae On The River"
  • Dr. Ring Ding "Ram Di Dance"
  • Mutabaruka "What About The Land"
  • The Morwells "Educate Your Mind"
  • Junior Murvin "I Was Appointed" 2002 mix highlights cd available thru our online store.

    Reggae On The River Sets

    FRIDAY AUGUST 3rd, 2001- Set before Tchiya Amet live:
  • Shadowyze "Pedigree"
  • Native Roots "Toho O Doham" Set before East L.A. Sabor Factory live:
  • John Trudell "Grassfire"
  • Israel Vibration "Friday Evening (dub and vocal)" 7"
  • Casper Loma-Dawa "How The West Was Won"
  • Mikey Dread "Heavyweight Sound" 10"
  • Walela "Muddy Road"

    SATURDAY AUGUST 4th, 2001- Set before David Kirton and Upstream live:
  • Augustus Pablo "Vibrate On" 12"
  • The Gladiators "A Prayer To Thee" Set before Marty Dread, Shiloh Pa, Crazy Fingers live:
  • The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band "Aloha Ka Manini"
  • Manu Chao "Me Gustas Tu"
  • Julia Butterfly "Unity"
  • Rod Deal "Marijuana Man"
  • Pam Pam "Lock'd Up In A Box" produced by Jimmy Foot
  • I Roy "Barber (version)" Set after Julia Butterfly spoke:
  • Heptones and Jah Lion "Mr. President"
  • Lee Perry and The Upsetters "Da Da Version"
  • Upsetters "Youth Version"
  • Midnight Dread (pre-DEEP WORD DUB release) "Self-Basting Dub"
  • Midnight Dread (pre-DEEP WORD DUB release) Gladiators and JFK "Ask Not Dub"
  • U Roy and The Children "Yama-Khy" 7"
  • Lee 'Scratch' Perry "Rock My Soul"
  • The Upsetters "Rocky River"
  • Lee and Jimmy "Yagga-Yagga" 7"
  • Bob Marley and Selassie "War" re-mix Invisible Mon set before Ex Centric Sound System live:
  • Dub Syndicate "The Show is Coming"
  • Carlton Pride and Zion "Herb Medley" recorded live in Black Eagle, MT
  • Macka B "I Don't Like Reggae"
  • Sister Carol "Wicked Draw of Sensi"

    SUNDAY AUGUST 5th, 2001- Set before Fully Fullwood Band live:
  • The Wailers "Reincarnated Souls"
  • Mossman Vs. The World Bank "Beautiful Morning"
  • Eastwood and Saint "Young Lover"
  • Earl Zero "I No Lie (dub)"
  • Horace Andy "Ras Man" and "Rastaman" 7"
  • Angie Angel "Rastaman"
  • Bob Marley "Smile Jamaica" Set before Marcia Griffith and Luciano live:
  • Prince Jazzbo "Youth In Service"
  • Los Hombres Caliente "I Shot The Sheriff"
  • Ziggy Marley and The All Stars "I Know You Don't Care About Me"
  • Wyclef Jean "Diallo"
  • Manu Chao "Mr. Bobby"
  • Marley's Ghost "And It Stoned Me" 2001 highlights mix cd available thru our online store.

    Midnight Dread Reggae On The River sets from 1999