Reggae On The River

Doug Wendt unveiled tracks from his custom-mix project DEEP WORD DUB during the past few REGGAE ON THE RIVER festivals. Combinations like "Scratch Loop Dub", "Dread Alert", "The Clockhand's Running (with Paul Zarzyski & Jah Provide)", "Self-Basting Dub", "West Indian", "Cowbwoy", "Rock River Tree", "Ask Not Dub", "Pygmy Monk Dub", "Words", and "Verbal Alchemy" have debuted there. Here are Midnight Dread Sound System playlists from some of those shows.

Reggae On The River Sets

SATURDAY AUGUST 7th, 1999- Set before Barbados Invasion live:
  • Lloyd Parkes "Reach Out" with U-Brown & We The People
  • Wailing Souls "Mountain Song"
  • Midnight Dread mix (pre-DEEP WORD DUB release) "West Indian" Set during Barbados Invasion live:
  • Midnight Dread mix (pre-DEEP WORD DUB release) "Rock River Tree"
  • Bob Marley "I Know A Place"
  • Israel Vibration "Reggae On The River"
  • Augustus Pablo "East Of The River Nile" 7"
  • Dennis Brown "Take A Trip" 7"
  • Soul Syndicate "Take A Dub" 7"
  • Linton Kwesi Johnson "More Time"
  • Top Cat "Sess A Weh Yu Want" 12" Set after Culture with Joseph Hill live:
  • Slickers "Dread Selaisse" 7"
  • Freddy McKay "Arise Selaisse I, Arise" 7"
  • Tinga Stewart & Brent Dowe "Black Man Time" 12"

    SUNDAY AUGUST 8th, 1999- Set before Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice live:
  • Bonnie Jo Hunt "Apache Morning"
  • Julia Butterfly "Unity"
  • Circle Of Women "We Shall Lift Each Other Up"
  • Native Roots "Bust Out A Rhyme"
  • The Fire This Time "Rezo Para Jah" & "Prayer To Jah"
  • The Fire This Time "Warrior's Dub"
  • Carlinhos Brown "Vitamina Ser"
  • Hugh Masekela "JJC/JJD"
  • Tarika "Raitra"
  • Juluka "Love Is Just A Dream"
  • Cheb Mami "Hatachi" DJ Challenge set just after Abyssinians live: Jah Love Universal Sounds selection-
  • Hugh Mundell "Africa Must Be Free Dub" Midnight Dread Sound System selection-
  • Reggae Cowboys "Reggae On The River" Massive Sounds International selection-
  • Bunny Wailer "Collie Man" Jah Love selection-
  • Dennis Brown "Deliver Us" Midnight Dread selection-
  • Midnight Dread world premiere live "Tiny Montany" Massive Sounds selection-
  • Natural Ites "Picture On The Wall" Jah Love selection-
  • "Dub" Midnight Dread selection-
  • Augustus Pablo "Forever Dub" Massive Sounds selection-
  • Augustus Pablo "Dub" Midnight Dread set before Ziggy Marley & The Melody Makers live:
  • Bob Marley "Who Colt The Game"
  • Paul Hurlock "Someone Cut It Down" 7"
  • Niney with One Vibe "Sinsimilla" 7"
  • King Stitt "Herbman Shuffle" 7"
  • Winston Reedy "Reggae Man" 12"
  • The Blackstones "I Second That Emotion"
  • Horace Andy "Tribute To Bob Marley" 12"
  • Midnight Dread (pre-DEEP WORD DUB release) "West Indian"

    Midnight Dread Reggae On The River sets from 2001-2005