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I and I get great E-pistles, i.e. letters via e-mail from listeners near and far. Here's a great series of interesting correspondence from 'reggaemylitis' carriers who first got the bug when listening to Midnight Dread on The Quake twenty years ago or at my Kennel Club VJ shows. I & I look forward to hearing from other folks who were inspired by the late night sounds and music in general. Thanks to Jahn J, Nathaniel Mackell, Frank Sanchez, Joshua Joshua, Manna Brooks & others for the kind words. Manna checked out the radio playlist archive and got busy time-traveling after receiving his first massive order of cds from 1984 off this website. Look for other E-pistles to Duppy in this space from time to more time.

e-mails to & from Midnight

From: John Josselson
Date: Monday January 31st, 2011 - SF Bay Area
Subject: Midnight Dread 1984

it is with this article i am gonna try and send some words on the KQAK Midnight Dread tipping point of 1984...

so, the years leading to Overstanding Dread at Midnight began with so much suffering for the I during the late 70's into early 80's. this suffering was not of weakness but of developing strong heart, and you will stay alive - barry brown - things and time - black roots 12" produced Sugar Minott, written by Tony Tuff and mixed by Scientist and Roots Radics I believe...

knowing my Mom had the sense to leave Sonoma in late 78, oppression all about what with abusive alcohol fueled rage by a good cowboy when sober - ted clark - father figure - but mean as nails when the system and economy brought the man to his knees, sipping hard on spirits, no where to turn and utter frustrations... Sonoma my Love and hometown we had to run from and end up in Avian dr apts, emerging ghetto apartments in eastside Vallejo - january 1979

heart-broken and forced immediate to adapt, assimilate and try and thrive in the City, multi-dimensional, multi-cultural blue collar Union town of informal integration. Chicanos saw me first and gave me Love. I fought so many kids that first year, every kind of color, economic background, etc. they must have saw Country-Youth before them and insisted I conform.

this began a 3 year struggle for Truth and Rights in this city of good and bad extremes. before the internet, the greyhound bus became my weekend escape down thru eastbay and SFO, tuff neighborhoods and tuff Youth, same condition and there was an immediate recognition on their part now that I look back as my being a Forward Observer and having much active intelligence...

(continues with John's whole Midnight Dread 1984 article here)

From: Nathaniel Mackall
Date: 2009-2010 excerpts
Subject: Stop Me Before I Order Again

Greetings Doug A.K.A Midnight Dread,
I thoroughly enjoyed the music I've just received! I've been busy jumping the broom & such. Ready fi order now though!! The last ones were awesome and I even loved the commercials. Great selections and the radio shows are time out of mind, really entertaining and informative. I find myself always listening to them over and over again so thanks and Jah bless.

It's Sunday morning and I'm rocking out to Midnight Dread right now, couldn't stomach "Meet the Press" anymore so I'm stepping out... terrific radio shows plus your Reggae on the River masterpieces. While I'm partial to Man of Constant Sorrow Focus 1969, Focus 1968 is an excellent companion piece. I'll be ordering more this week. I mean you lay it down brother and I never blow smoke when it comes to music so thank you Mr. Dread for being a great artist whose radio shows run tings! So to quote Leroy Sibbles I can let the music ride.

Sept. 23rd 1984 -THE BIG RADIO SHOWDOWN- Tony Moses vs Midnight Dread is like the OK Corral but with good guys all round, thanks. I was listening to your interview with LKJ, and you do a great interview by the way, anywho, you got to the point when you were asking him what music he listened to and he was like all kinds mon but mostly reggae. Then you asked his favorite tune and he really couldn't answer -an aside I really liked how when LKJ didn't have a ready answer he told yah- when pressed just a lickle he named an old time spoken word tune and immediately you ran it! That was, to use an archaic term, "Dope as hell". Killer stuff man, great work, and your interviews with Leroy, Don Carlos and Gold were ital. So once again I'm the one who should be saying mucho gracias. Mi gusto livity!

Know this though I'm blasting my Midnight Dread as I paint the days away!!

Peace, Nat

From: Frank Sanchez
Date: Thurs. Feb 26, 2004 Los Angeles
Subject: The Quake

Hey Doug,
I'm writing a paper for school and am going down memory lane about music that was influential to me. I used to record "MidnightDread" every sunday. And for a kid of 15-16 yrs it was tough getting those tapes, every sunday.

I still have many of them and love them dearly. Not only is the music great but it is a physical link to my youth. Every one has a "coming of age story" or a "Summer Off", It was July 1984 and the Democratic convention was in town. The theme of your show was Liberation, True Democracy, and you gave your "Dreaditorial". My best friend and I were hangin' out with these two hot girls from school that night in my 1971 VW bus. Yet this didn't stop me from recording "My Show".

I didn't get to listen to closely until after we dropped them off about Midnight. We went to Rockaway Beach in Pacifica with another guy friend. We kicked back on the beach, burned one and all of us listened to you drop knowledge on our young impressionable minds.

We ended up sleeping on the beach that night. And this in a nut shell represented my youth. Thank You.

O.K now after that big hug lets get down to business. Do you have any of those shows for sale? You also played a rare 12'' from The English Beat and Pato Banton Pato and Roger ago talk. I've never heard this again and would love to.

Thanks, Frank Sanchez
Born and Raised in "The City"

From: Joshua Adams
Date: Wed. Jan 28, 2004
Subject: really a cool site

I lived in San Francisco from 83 -85.....all I listened to was the KQAK and MIDNIGHT DREAD.....what music and what a time.....that was my first exposure into the most eclectic reggae music ever.....I am from NYC originally and also live in Florida now.....I went to SF on a vacation which lasted 2 years.....years after returning my jeep was stolen and later recovered.....the irreplacable was the quake and midnight dread tapes and my SF 49ers hat.....I hope the creep who stole is a changed person today from that music.....thank you for the finger prints left on my mind from that time and that music.......(the dots are all Joshua's, nothing was edited out-DW)

Joshua Joshua

From: Brooks Holder Jr.
Date: Fri. Oct. 31, 2003

Aloha duppie doug the man that waz born gone !!! this is your #1 listener mana brooks out in the pacific nuff respect everytime !!! I tuned in from my room in Vallejo each and every sunday night back when indica replaced sativa. AH-WOE those dayz iz long gone but the music still lives on!!!

Here on the island of Maui I DJ Roots party's and also spin vinyl at various clubs pon the island. I must say your style of mixing has greatly influenced the way I entertain the good folks here in the (808). The Mikey Dread "drop ins" reverb on the outro's and of course a whole heap a mad professor are what the people know me for in dis ya island. them say "dis music ah bad rasta where ya ah get it"---"from the supermarket". Remember that one bradah Doug.

All I can tell the the people them is a story of a young kid once from a little island named Oahu who was uprooted and brought to California only to find the best in what music had to offer The sound of the century the Midnight Dread give thanks my I Dren ,for it was you that put my heart and mind back in paradise While sit'n in my room. east Vallejo always heard my window's rattlin with island music. thank you for all the positive selections you played on the airwaves back then. You even played a band my Uncle Jim Carrington used to be in remember REGGAE JACKSON? Also man like Jimmy Foot. Well here I am back in my home state, similar story on what I read about the lady that did all your drawings for the QUAKE, wishing I had all my tapes of the midnight dread shows that were stolen away from I (in Sacramento) just before I came back to Hawaii, especially the Doug & Tony Moses Birthday Show. but wait I can have it back again!

Through The Powers that be I see you have taped your shows. LORD HAVE MERCY!!! I am so grateful for all your effort on such rare recordings. being of sound mind and living naturally I now know it wasn't the indica nor the sensi, it was a one man DUB SELECTION that truly introduced me to my mind. ok maybe some sweet leaf as ozzy sang 'bout a time ago. But now music is the healer. please tell me how I can set up a method to get back which was so wrongfully stole from I. Jah Guide Doug and I Mana Brooks little more seen. "DOUG'S SCAT" CRUCIAL EVERYTIME. (Doug's 'October 2003 Scat' is still posted back on SCAT, SMiLE page-DW) THANKS 4 THE 411. THEY CAN'T STOP RIGHTEOUSNESS so i too will change to lowercaseism j/k no slackness intended. anyway aloha for now & don't forget to mention the birthday show in your response. mahalo nui loa.

Jah Guide, Brooks II

From: Brooks Holder Jr.
To: Doug Wendt
Subject: Re: Fire for the frustration!
Date: Sun. Nov. 9, 2003

Wha gwan Doug. It is good to hear back from you this day. Last night was a full moon party on the beach and I stay tired. Generators 4, power x-mass string lighting, 4 light turn tables, and mixer 4 function & self powered mackies 4 sound = A conscious night of dub, dance nah done till the morning right? I can truly tell you it rough spin'n records all night like that. Even though I feel out of whack it was all worth it besides feelings aren't facts. the fact is the spirit guided I through the whole way.

Yea Doug it would be irie if you post my lettah, maybe it might cajole more old time Quake listners to come forward and write you! I can't tell you enough of how much I appreciate your response on all I mentioned early on about the tony moe (moses) doug b-day show and lots more. give thanks. I will definitely be in touch for the old midnight dread recordings, money worries again but soon come. I cant wait to hear the sound of the century one mo time live & direct!!! Aloha Doug & Go Deh in ah yaka remember monyaka !!! & that crucial 12" Rise Up A woa ! Guidance & Protection for you and yours Doug.

One Love, Mana Brooks

From: Brooks Holder Jr.
Sent: Monday, November 10, 2003
To: Doug Wendt
Subject: Re: This one called the Midnight Dread special

Waz up Doug. just returned home from a day long sheet rock journey!!! Now that the walls iz hung I can now forward da mud fo make the walls dem smooth, seen. This is my main Gig!!! The Dreaded Dry Wall Task puts a hurt on I brain every time, but as Tupac once sang "the skills dat pay da bills" or waz dat Big Pun? still waiting on my money draw from this custom house in Kapalua Maui. When I get the dunza I will be money ordering you most definitely for a whole heap a selections. let I know!

I remember going out to the Divisadero to check out the midnight dread sight & sound system AH WOE!! Kennel Club's sound was mean especially with your roots music pounding through. I man na forget nothing bout them days, I & I breadren from Vallejo used your music to help with a spiritual application for all the crack headz & gangsters too! just like brahdah John Josselson Wrote!! (John's article on 1984 & MD) True Doug you must know you ah de original dub vender na pretender you truly originate & na imitate seen!! I give thanks for your broadcast as well as all of I & I Breadahz from the east bay. One good friend of mine who lived down south cali used to tune into Roger Steffens Reggae show and once I sent him a midnight dread show copy he was truly sprung on the shit must ah been the "drop ins". Nuff respect to Roger the great music historian same way.

Well Duppy Doug I got this gypsum dust off I skin just like red dragon sang "go hole a fresh". See what I mean that illustrates my point!!! Without your wide range in Reggae music I would have never have got beyond good ol' uncle Bob!!! Oh Yea Pampado's governor general was a favorite in V-Town. Thought I'd mention that cause I have been searchin' for that song a long time as well as Frankie Paul's "oh nigger" on the same riddem. Doug all your shows were crucial and I still can't wait to hear "ah midnight dread comin' strait to your heaaaaaddd". Maximum respect every time!!!

Mana Brooks

From: Brooks Holder Jr.
Sent: Tuesday November 11, 2003
To: Doug Wendt
Subject: Alton Ellis

Wha Gwan Doug ? Just a late night remembrance. One of my favorite shows of all time, which was also stole away from I in sacto cali was the time when Alton Ellis took over the controls while I guess you went back home for a certain album? But anyway the one 12" my long time girl friend and I have been trying to find is Alton Ellis "Diverse Doctrine" & the flip side to that is I think "More Love"? Let me know how we can get our copy. I would love to play it on my beyond world war III Show I'm working on. Plus my girl remembers that show with Alton in the studio playing "young gifted & black", Yes we've been together dat long !!!

One love Doug, oh yea I remember meeting you in person back in "85" at Ruff Trade records on 6th street S.F. I Bought the Mad Professor meets Jah Shaka album and you said to me "that is some serious music you are about to buy". A lot of my youth has been coming back to me since I made a move towards the keyboard and finally e-mailed my long lost ruler of the air waves bradah Doug Wendt. Cause I'm the last person you would find corresponding with anyone via computer. I strictly use my computer fe put in di dub selection from vinyl to cd then cd to hard drive. I remember also you announcing this certain I-Vibes song on KFOG as being on cd format. That was heavy. You introduced me to that arena too!!! Time for I to jump a sleep. nuff niceness a gwan inah dis ya island maui. just let I know when you & yours can come back hawaii, I speak for my girl & I we would truly be delighted to have you in our presence...

From: Brooks Holder Jr.
Sent: Wednesday, December 10, 2003
To: Doug Wendt

MAHALO TO THE HIGHEST DEGREE DOUG!!! I am truly in orbit hearing all the midnight dread shows once again !!! As Lee scratch once said "we are riding on the chariot of rock". Even after all the years that have passed all the shows still sound tight, especially the ol' KTIM Bob show Murderation on all the 7" styleeee. Music that can't spoil!!! Also "rat ah cut bottle" off the KQAK show maximum memories for I, Give thanks Doug. Nuff respec Lion Youth aka Jah Lion.

What You did for I brother Doug is indescribably crucial, who would have ever thought I would re-unite with my youth recordings!!! As far as duplication or any other backward deed, you have my word that these recordings won't be reproduced in any shape or form!!! strictly for I & I reflection n'ting deh. Doug I will be money ordering you the rest. also I am interested in the new 3 shows you'll be postin' on the web sight, mahalo nui loa for your kindness on all you prepared for I. soon come for the I and all your pickney dem. Again Doug Many Mahalos for everything you did for I. Aloha and all fruits ripe!!!

Island roots man Mana Brooks bubblin once again thanks be to Jah and the Midnight Dread, guidance every time.