NATIVE SON RISING Programs #177 - #145
-featuring more music by and for indigenous peoples-

Created and recorded in Ohtahku (The Sound) Montana,
this presentation includes several native musical styles,
occasional storytelling, and music from around the world.

NATIVE SON RISING is broadcast at 89.9 FM in Ohtahku (Great Falls Montana) every Tuesday 3-4pm Mountain Daylight Time (20-22 GMT) & many Fridays 7-9pm Mountain (Sat. 1-3 GMT) streaming & airing from KGPR in Great Falls, Montana. Broadcast daily on World One over the airwaves in the San Francisco Bay Area.

All previous programs' playlists are posted here:
Programs #37 - #1
Programs #73 - #38
Programs #109 - #74
Programs #144 - #110
Programs #211 - #178

Program #177 webcast now available here:
1-Mutabaruka "Big Mountain"
2-Youssou N'Dour featuring Mutabaruka DAKAR-KINGSTON "Marley"
3-Ashwin Batish SITAR POWER 2 "Cowboys & Indians"
4-Peter Rowan REGGAEBILLY! "Sky Dancer"
5-Indian Nation RED SOUL "Peltier Freedom Now"
6-Little Wolf Band SACRED GROUND "Raven"
7-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Serpent"
8-Paul Zarzyski HANG 'N' RATTLE "Bob Dylan Bronc Song" Ghost Town Sound/NSR mix
9-Chester Knight STANDING STRONG "Strange How It Is"
10-Natalie Merchant LEAVE YOUR SLEEP "Topsyturvey World"
11-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Inner Strength"
12-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "A Warrior Is Born"
13-Louie Gonnie RHYTHMS WITHIN A TURQUOISE DREAM "Birth Of Rhythm"
14-The Heptones PARTY TIME "Now Generation"

Program #176:
1-Nakai, Eaton & Clipman DANCING INTO SILENCE "Horses In The Rain", "Havasupai Lullaby" & "Whispers Of The Wind"
2-Mary Louise Defender Wilson MY RELATIONS SAY "The Dakotah Have Had Horses For A Long Time"
3-Jack Gladstone BUFFALO CAFE "With The Coming Of The Horse"
4-Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice LETTER FROM THE END OF THE CENTURY "She Had Some Horses"
5-Mitch Walking Eagle IN THE SPIRIT OF CRAZY HORSE "Eagle Horse"
6-Brule COLLECTION "Fast Horse"
7-Indian Nation RED SOUL "Sioux Song"
8-Joanne Shenandoah BEST OF "Prophecy Song"
9-Smith, Toppah & Landry RAIN IN JULY "Indian Angel"
10-Little Wolf OFFERINGS "Wolf Run"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Gotta Know"
12-Casper Loma-Dawa HONOR THE PEOPLE "Last Train"

Program #175:
1-Gabriel Ayala PORTRAITS "Gymnopedie No. 1"
2-Kevin Yazzie AWAKENING OF LIFE "track 4"
3-Jay Begaye & Tiinesha Begaye HORSES OUR ARE JOURNEY "Classical Moment"
4-Smith, Toppah, & Landry RAIN IN JULY "My Pow Wow Thing"
5-Douglas Foote COME TO ME GREAT MYSTERY "A Prayer From Above"
6-Cheevers Toppah FIRST LIGHT with Kevin Yazzie "Four Acapella Peyote Songs"
7-R. Carlos Nakai TALISMAN "Sun's House"
8-Louie Gonnie SONGS OF THE SACRED CIRCLE "Rendition"
9-Brooke Schiavi NATIVE AMERICA MEDITATIONS "We Stand & Turn"
10-Chief Luther etc. NATIVE AMERICAN MEDITATIONS "The Color Of Skin"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "We Pray"
12-McLellan, Robedeaux & Stoner BLESSINGS "1 Staight Apache Song, 3 Songs In Ponca""
13-Gerald Primeaux Sr. INTO THE FUTURE "Healing Song"
14-Anthony Wakeman POINTS OF ORIGIN "Future Kind"

Program #174:
1-Maquinna NATIVE AMERICAN MEDITATIONS "Indian Interest"
3-John Fire Lame Deer NATIVE AMERICAN MEDITATIONS "Do Not Grieve"
4-Brooke Schiavi NATIVE AMERICAN MEDITATIONS "Grandmother Narration #2"
5-Great Mystery AWAKENING "The Dancer" & "Wey Yoh Hah"
7-Jim Pepper COMIN' & GOIN' "Comin' & Goin'"
8-Rob Quist & Jack Gladstone ODYSSEY WEST "Sacagawea"
9-Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble MUSIC FOR NATIVE AMERICANS "Mahk Jchi"
10-Peter Kater & Bill Miller FACES OF THE SUN "Faces Of The Sun"
11-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "Anasazi"
12-Louie Gonnie RHYTHMS WITHIN A TURQUOISE DREAM "Turquoise Dream"
13-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Thunderbird"
14-Elk Soldier THE ELK DREAMERS "Elk Medicine"
15-Kevin Yazzie FAITH "track 3 Four Harmonized Peyote Songs"

Program #173:
1-Chester Knight STANDING STRONG "Take Me Back"
2-Little Wolf OFFERINGS "Shaman's Dream"
3-Buffy Sainte-Marie THE BEST OF dbl lp "The Vampire"
4-Mary Louise Defender Wilson MY RELATIVES SAY "The Star In The Cottonwood Tree"
5-Joanne Shenandoah PEACE OF POWER "The Four Legged Ones" & "Deer Dance"
7-Primeaux & Mike & David Carson SACRED GROUND "Let Us Dance"
8-Bill Miller SPIRIT RAIN "Approaching Thunder" & "You Are The Rain"
10-Songcatchers DREAMING IN COLOR "Dreaming In Color"
11-Brule THE COLLECTION "Peace Is All Around Me"
12-Soulfood BREATHE "Breathe Deeper"
13-Sacred Spirit YEHA-NOHA "Yeha-Noha"
14-Blue Chip Orchestra RED SKY BEAT "Buffalo Trail"

Program #172:
1-Jack Gladstone NOBLE HEART "Hudson Bay Blues"
2-Mary Youngblood FEED THE FIRE "Long Long Road"
3-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Earth Mother"
4-Louie Gonnie RHYTHMS WITHIN A TURQUOISE DREAM "Across The Universe"
5-Elk Soldier THE ELK DREAMERS "The Wakeman Experience"
6-Jay Begaye & Tiinesha Begaye HORSES ARE OUR JOURNEY "My Pretty Horse"
7-Glen Ahhaitty NO MORE LIES "Lies & Regrets"
8-Smith, Toppah, & Landry RAIN IN JULY "Swirling Smoke"
9-Bear Creek LOVE, LIES & LULLABIES "Love, Lies & Lullabies"
10-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "My Fire"
11-Casper Loma Dawa ORIGINAL LANDLORD "Why?"
12-Cheevers Toppah & Kevin Yazzie AWAKENING OF LIFE "Four Peyote Songs track 1"

Program #171:
1-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Bringing Much"
2-Smith, Toppah & Landry RAIN IN JULY "Rain In July"
3-John Trudell MADNESS "Material Junkies"
4-Funkadesi IT'S ABOUT TIME "Real Situation"
5-John Trudell THE MOREMES "Took A Little Walk"
6-Longhouse A WARRIORS JOURNEY "Leader Of The Warriors"
7-John Trudell MADNESS "How Does Tomorrow Dream"
8-R. Carlos Nakai TALISMAN "Glimmering Dawn"
9-John Trudell THE MOREMES "Make A Chant"
10-Bob Marley & The Wailers TALKIN' BLUES "Rastaman Chant"
11-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Sweeting The Light"
12-Leonard Cohen TEN NEW SONGS "The Land Of Plenty"

Program #170 webcast now available here:
1-Tha Tribe THE QUIET STORM "On The Way In" & "Heart & Soul"
2-Rivers Of Time "The Mist"
3-The Cool Crooners ISATILO "Isatilo"
4-Soothsayers Meet The Red Earth Collective ONE MORE REASON "History"
5-Salmonella SALMONELLA DUB "Pigmy"
6-Elijah Emanuel PERSISTANCE OF VISION "Babylon U.S.A."
7-Lion Vibes "Fear Not"
8-Jef Stott "Saracen (Kemanche Mix)"
9-Midival Punditz "Forest Dreams"
10-The Steve Riley Band "After Sage"
11-Echo Movement "Red Sunday"
12-Tha Tribe THE QUIET STORM "Wrappin' It Up", "One Week & A Day" & "On The Way Out"

Program #169:
1-R. Carlos Nakai TALISMAN "Sunrise Prayer, In Beauty"
2-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANT "Coyote"
3-Tha Tribe THA QUIET STORM "Fry Bread Hut Part V", "Delilac", & "Cold Winter Nights"
4-Casper Loma Dawa ORIGINAL LANDLORD "Nuff Dub Dem Come"
5-Unity Pacific FROM STREET TO SKY "Thank You"
6-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "With Yesses"
7-Indigenous Resistance IR10 "Sacred Power Chanting Cree (Steven Stanley mix)"
8-Thunder Hill FOR THE LOVE "Oklahoma Round Dance"
9-Blackstone BRING YOUR FATHERS IN "Women's Song"
10-Thirza Defoe COME TO ME GREAT MYSTERY "Calling To The People"
11-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Shadow Of The Past" & "Coyote Night"

Program #168:
1-McLellan, Robedeaux & Stoner BLESSINGS "Healing Song"
2-Daniel Lanois HERE IS WHAT IS "Where Will I Be"
3-The Belle Stars BELLE-ISSIMA! SWEET MEMORIES "Hiawatha"
5-Black Lodge SPO' MO' KIN' NAN "Indian People"
6-Gerald Primeaux Sr. INTO THE FUTURE "Four Peyote Songs (track 5)"
7-Gabriel Ayala PORTRAITS - MUSIC FOR CLASSICAL GUITAR "Fantasia Original"
8-Louie Gonnie SONGS OF THE SACRED CIRCLE "Twilight"
9-Kevin Yazzie FAITH "Faith"
10-Indigenous Resistance IR10 "Sacred Power (Embracing A Freed Leonard Peltier Dub)"
11-Linton Kwesi Johnson FORCES OF VICTORY "Reality Poem"
12-Tiinesha Begaye NIGHT OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS "Messaga From The Spirit World"

Program #167:
1-Indigenous Resistance "Revolta Sun Dub Mix" pre
2-Warscout SCOUT "I See Red.. I Am... Red"
3-Thirza Defoe COME TO ME GREAT MYSTERY "title track"
4-Cheevers Toppah FIRST LIGHT "Four Old Kiowa Songs"
5-Jay & Tiinesha Begaye NIGHT OF THE NORTHERN LIGHTS "title track"
6-Yungchen Lhamo & Jamshied Sharifi ONE "One"
7-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Wolf"
8-Terry Hanks STORIES TOLD "Four Harmonized Peyote Songs - Set 6"
9-Anthony Wakeman POINTS OF ORIGIN "Point Of Departure"
10-Great Mystery AWAKENING "The Healing Touch"
11-Dorothy Tsatoke COME TO ME GREAT MYSTERY "I Am The Beginning & The End"

Program #166:
1-Tommy McCook & The Super Sonics "Indian Love Call"
2-Conroy Smith FINAL MISSION lp "Indian Lady"
3-Joe White TIGHT ROCK Vol. 1 lp "Peace Pipe Dub"
4-Mark Foggo's Skasters SKA PIG lp "Davy Crockett"
5-Daniel Orlick & Ghost Town Rockers HOW THE WEST WAS DUBBED! "Dub Native America"
6-Tchiya Amet BLACK TURTLE ISLAND "Institution"
7-Tchiya Amet RISE AGAIN TRUTH "Rastafari Is Universal"
8-Native Roots RAIN US LOVE "Native Dance Hall"
9-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Blackgold Fight"
10-Joy Harjo & Poetic Justice LETTER FROM END OF 20TH CENTURY "A Post Colonial Tale"
11-Joy Harjo NATIVE JOY "Reality Show"
12-Marty Dread STILL PLAYING REGGAE "Come Off Our Land"
13-Eugene Friesen A WINTER CELEBRATION "Rejoice"
14-Casper Loma Dawa ORIGINAL LANDLORD "Why?"

Program #165:
1-John Sinclair & His Blues Scholars WHITE BUFFALO PRAYER "History 101/White Buffalo Day"
2-Peter Matthiessen NO BOUNDARIES "Leonard Peltier: In The Spirit Of Crazy Horse"
with music bed Anthony Wakeman POINTS OF ORIGIN "Like A Dying Star"
3-Peter Matthiessen NO BOUNDARIES "About Indian Country"
with music bed Peter Kater & Kevin Locke FACES OF THE SUN "Wind At Your Back"
4-Jana AMERICAN INDIAN STORY "The Spirit Of One"
5-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Walks Between Two Worlds"
6-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "The Moremes" & "Famine In The Plenty"
7-Cat Power I'M NOT THERE "Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again"

Program #164:
1-Anthony Wakeman Mr. Soon POINTS OF ORIGIN "Protector"
2-Peter Kater FACES OF THE SUN "Stone Teepees"
3-Mary Youngblood DANCE WITH THE WIND "Blood Of My Blood"
4-Tha Tribe BLUE SCOUT "Fry Bread Hut Part IV" & "Pacifier"
5-Pinchers HOT THIS YEAR lp "Big Chief"
6-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Broke The Light"
7-Clark Tenakhongva PO'LI "Sunflowers"
8-Peter Phippen SHADOWS OF DAWN "Shadows"
9-Fowler & Branca A WINTER CELEBRATION "Snow Angels"
10-Shelley Morningsong OUT OF THE ASHES "Out Of The Ashes"
11-Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike THE COLOR OF MORNING "To The Four Directions"
12-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Earth Mother"

Program #163 webcast now available here:
1-Elk Soldier THE ELK WAY "E-Unit"
2-Northern Cree & Friends DANCIN' 'TIL SUNRISE "In My Dreams"
3-Thee Express EXPRESS YOURSELF "Twilight"
4-Davis Mitchell COUNTRY ROAD "Be Kee Yoi Kaa"
5-Alexis E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah, Kit Landry HARMONY NIGHTS "Southern Man"
6-Will Clipman PATHFINDER "Pathfinder"
7-R.Carlos Nakai & Udi Bar-David VOYAGERS "Dream Time"
8-Kelvin Mockingbird SACRED FIRE "The Flames Within"
9-Robert Mirabal SONG CARRIER "If Ghosts Could Dream"
10-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Elk"
11-Johnny Mike MY SPIRIT SOARS "track 2; 4 harmonized songs"
12-Longhorse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "Grandfather's Teaching"
13-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Sound Medicine"

Program #162:
1-Nakai Black Lodge Canyon Symphony Orchestra VOICES ACROSS THE CANYON 3 "Far From The Water"
2-Don Pullen SACRED COMMON GROUND "River Song"
3-Charles Red Hawk MEDICINE SONGS "Klamath River Luck"
4-Howard Lyons SPIRIT WALK "Weyo Ho (Woman's Honor Chant)"
5-Sacred Spirits YEHA-NOHA "Heya-Hee"
6-Robert Mirabel MUSIC FROM A PAINTED CAVE "Runner's Dreamtime"
7-Little Wolf WOLF MOON "Hummingbird"
8-Bill Miller THE RED ROAD "My People"
9-Redbone GOLDEN CLASSICS "One Monkey"
10-Casper Lomayesva ORIGINAL LANDLORD "Mr. President"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Blackgold Fight"
12-Fawn Wood SWEET & LOW "Round Dance Blues"

Program #161:
2-Mary Youngblood THE OFFERING "Eagle Clan"
3-Alex Smith, Cheeves Toppah & Natinas Landry HARMONY NIGHTS "Dookoostiid"
4-Clark Tenakhongva HOAT VE LA "Hoat Ve La"
5-Randy Wood TITLE TRACK "Our Love Will Never Die"
6-Wimme WIMME "Milky Way"
7-Wahancanka REMEMBER ME GRANDFATHER "Spotted Eagle Song"
8-Johnny Whitehorse JOHNNY WHITEHORSE "Riders In The Rain"
9-Shelly Morningsong OUT OF THE ASHES "Sweet Protector"
10-R. Carlos Nakai Quartet PEOPLE OF PEACE "Gnu H2O"
11-Keith Secola HOMELAND "Ishpiming"
12-John Trudell AKA GRAFITTI MAN "Baby Boom Che"

Program #160:
1-Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike THE COLOR OF MORNING "Radiance"
2-Mary Youngblood DANCE WITH THE WIND "Dance With The Wind"
3-Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai MIGRATION "Honoring"
4-Native Flute Ensemble SUN CHASERS "Spirit Seekers Ceremony"
5-Peter Phippen NIGHT SONG "Magic/Mystery"
6-The Fire This Time DANCING ON JOHN WAYNE'S HEAD "New Ways Of Looking At Power"
7-Robert Mirabal INDIANS INDIANS "Shine"
8-Burning Sky SPIRITS IN THE WIND "Beauty Beside Me"
9-Jay Begaye "Song For Mother Earth"
10-Radmilla Cody PRECIOUS FRIENDS "Colors"
11-Waak Waak Jungi CROW FIRE MUSIC "Mother I'm Going"
12-Jack Johnson INSTANT KARMA SAVE DARFUR "Imagine"
13-John Trudell MADNESS & THE MOREMES "Ghost Track 1"

Program #159 (with special host Shawnee Sees Things):
1-Corbin Harney TRIBAL WATERS "Water Song" from Morning Prayer
2-Paul Horn & R. Carlos Nakai INSIDE MONUMENT VALLEY "Full Moon"
3-Spiritlands SPIRITLANDS "Spirit Dance"
4-Wayquay TRIBAL GRIND "1492"
5-Native Roots URBAN SKINS 1 "Toho O' Ooham"
6-Brule TRIBAL LEGENDS "Stomp Dance"
7-Johnny Cash BITTER TEARS "The Vanishing Race"
8-Perry Silverbird BETWEEN FATHER SKY & MOTHER EARTH "Happy Sheperd"
9-Natay A PLACE CALLED SURVIVAL "Brotherhood Love"
10-Songcatchers DREAMING IN COLOR "History 101"
11-Burning Sky A NATIVE AMERICAN ODYSSEY "Native Funk"
12-Little Wolf Band DREAM SONG "Buffalo Nation"
13-voice over David & Steve Gordon SACRED SPIRIT DRUMS "Sunrise Ritual"

Program #158:
1-Jimmy Cliff CLIFF HANGER "Sunrise"
2-Don Tiki ADULTERATED "The Natives Are Restless (DJ Jimmy & Thee Analu remix)"
3-John Trudell "Look At Us (Peltier AIM Song)"
4-Kiddus I "Harder" & "Version" 7 inch
5-Wallace Black Elk MITAKUYE OYASIN "I Was Walking..."
6-Davis Mitchell THE BALLAD OF OLD TIMES "How Wonderful It Is To Be An Indian Cowboy"
7-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Buffalo"
8-Lucky Dube SOUL TAKER "Soul Taker"
9-Peter Kater & Joseph Fire Crow FACES OF THE SUN "Rite Of Passage"
10-Verdell Primeaux & Johnny Mike THE COLOR OF MORNING "A Glimmer Of Dawn"
11-Will Clipman PATHFINDER "After The Storm"
12-Ceshia Anaquod SPIRIT VOICES "Understanding"

Program #157:
1-Peter Kater RED MOON "Looking Glass"
2-Jerry Alfred & The Medicine Beat TRIBAL WATERS "Towhata Lake"
3-Mary Youngblood FEED THE FIRE "On My Way"
4-Bryan Akipa EAGLE DREAMS "Children At Play"
5-Gerald Primeaux Sr. A TRADITION CONTINUES "4 Harmony Songs Track 1"
6-Eric Casillas CREATION SONG "Wind Song"
7-The Fire This Time STILL DANCING ON JOHN WAYNE'S HEAD "Oka (In The Beginning)"
8-John Trudell "Famine In The Plenty" live
9-Israel Kamakawiw'ole N DIS LIFE "Thunder From Heaven"
10-Leabert Lindsey SONGS OF THE HAWAIIAN COWBOY "Waimonia"
11-Bob Marley SOUL REBEL "Sun Is Shining" acapella
12-Bob Marley & The Wailers SURVIVAL "Wake Up & Live"
13-Will Clipman PATHFINDER "Daybreak"

Program #156:
2-Patterson & Tssesaze PEYOTE PRAYER SONGS "Program 7 - Victor"
3-William Eaton Ensemble with Drepung Monks & Robert Tree Cody VOICES ACROSS THE CANYON Vol. 3 "The Fire Within"
4-Mary Youngblood FEED THE FIRE "Passions To Ignite"
5-Pura Fe CAUTION TO THE WIND "Roots/Find The Cost Of Freedom"
6-The Fire This Time DUBZ FOR DJS "IR Communication F**k Patriarchy (Tapedave Treetop Mix)"
7-Blue Chip Orchestra RED SKYBEAT "The Wind" & "The Rock"
8-Indigenous Resistance "Xukuru" 7 inch
9-Enter Tribal ENTER TRIBAL "Lakota Love Song"
10-Indigenous Resistance "Tatuu" 7 inch

Program #155:
1-Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing ORENDA "Our Mind Is One"
2-R. Carlos Nakai, Robert Tree Cody & Cliff Sarde TRIBAL LEGENDS "Plains Wind"
3-John Trudell "Restless Situations"
4-Clinton Denny PRAYERS FOR MY FATHER "Set Two - Peyote Songs"
5-Johnny Cash BITTER TEARS "As Long As The Grass Shall Grow"
6-Jack Gladstone TAPPIN' THE EARTH'S BACKBONE "Letter To The World"
7-Clark Tenakhongva PO'LI "Butterfly Clouds"
8-Waak Waak Jungi CROW FIRE MUSIC "Kuburu"
9-Indigenous Resistance DUBZ FOR DJS "Sacred Power"
10-Casper Loma-Dawa ORIGINAL LANDLORD "Hundred Years Of Redemption"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Celebrate Our Lives"
12-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Say Fay"
13-Johnny Whitehorse TOTEMIC FLUTE CHANTS "Emergence"

Program #154 webcast now available here:
1-Jim Pepper COMIN' AND GOIN' "Coming And Going"
2-McClellan, Robedeaux & Stoner FOR OUR LOVED ONES "Cree Song & 3 Straight Songs"
3-Brule THE COLLECTION "Peace Is All Around Me"
4-Algin Scabby Robe ALONG THE WAY "Blackfoot"
5-Blackfoot Confederacy HEAR THE BEAT "Made For The Occasion"
6-The Fire This Time STILL DANCING ON JOHN WAYNE'S HEAD "Reluctant Warrior"
7-Black Eagle VOICE OF THE DRUM "Summer Breeze"
8-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Na Stop"
9-Buffy Sainte-Marie QUIET PLACES "No One Told Me"
10-Jay Jones & Dub Band "Traces"
11-Little Steven FREEDOM NO COMPROMISE "Native American"
12-Mitakuye Oyasin NATIVE AMERICAN MEDITATIONS "Indian Bank"
13-Indigenous Resistance "Original Sosolakam Rockers" 7 inch
14-Radmilla Cody PRECIOUS FRIENDS "Wait For The Wagon"
15-Vernell Primeaux & Johnny Mike THE COLOR OF MORNING "Whispered Memories"

Program #153:
1-Vibrators "Rise And Shine" 7 inch
2-Brother Noland MYSTIC FISH "R U Native"
3-Butch Helemano REGGAE SOUL "One Jungle Night"
4-Full Contact DRY AND HEAVY "Dawn Is Breaking"
5-Vusi Mahlasela GUIDING STAR "Our Sand"
6-George Telek with Archie Roach TELEK "Go Long Way Long Bush"
7-Native Roots CELEBRATE "7th Generation"
8-Robby Bee "Pow-Wow Girls" cd single
9-Walter Ahhaitty & Friends OKLAHOMA STYLE "Gourd Song 4 - Phase Three"
10-R. Carlos Nakai & Udi Bar-David VOYAGERS "Indigena Indigenous"
11-Native Roots CELEBRATE "Form A Circle"
12-George Telek TELEK "Midal", "Talaigu" and "Anoro"
15-Impact All Stars "Rise And Version" 7 inch

Program #152:
1-Joy Harjo NATIVE JOY FOR REAL "The Had-It-Up-To-Here Round Dance"
2-Shelley Morningsong OUT OF THE ASHES "I Walk In Two Worlds"
3-Buffy Sainte-Marie COINCIDENCE & LIKELY STORIES "Disinformation"
4-A. Paul Ortega TWO WORLDS THREE WORLDS "The Back & Forth"
5-Nakai, Sarde, Eaton, Wood RECONNECTIONS "Urban Native"
6-R. Carlos Nakai Quartet PEOPLE OF PEACE "Club Dread"
7-Casper Loma-Da-Wa HONOR THE PEOPLE "Babylon World"
8-Marty Dread & Willie Nelson IN GOOD COMPANY "Take No Part"
9-Terrence Simien & The Zydeco Experience ACROSS THE PARISH LINE "You Should Know Your Way By Now"
10-Jack Gladstone & Rob Quist ODYSSEY WEST "Hudson Bay Blues"
11-Bill Miller SPIRIT RAIN "Face The Blues"
12-Little Wolf WOLF MOON "Wolf Moon"
13-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "Ceremony"
14-Lawrence Laughing NOW OUR MINDS ARE ONE "Men Of Peace"

Program #151:
1-Kelly White UNDER THE GREEN CORN MOON "Coast Lullaby"
2-Pete Sears, Mimi Farina, Jerry Garcia, David Grisman, Holly Near & Friends WATCHFIRE "Rainforest"
3-Brule KINSHIP "White Horse Rider"
4-Santee LEGACY "One Who Walks With The Stars"
6-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Touch The Clouds", "Honoring Song", "With Open Eyes", "New Beginnings", "Hallow Wood", & "Prayer Song"
7-Thunder Hill THE CLASH OF THE TITANS "Intertribal" (track 3)
8-Davis Mitchell COUNTRY ROAD "Country Road Take Me Home"
9-Glen Ahhaitty TRUE LIES FROM THE ROAD "Daddy's Coming Home"
10-David Nighteagle TORN FROM THE HEART - THE JOURNEY "Turtle Island"
11-Lorain Fox UNDER THE GREEN CORN MOON "Aztec Lullaby"

Program #150:
1-Children Of The World CHILDREN OF THE WORLD "title track" & "Crowfoot"
2-Shelley Morningside OUT OF THE ASHES "World Gone Crazy"
3-Mary Youngblood DANCE WITH THE WIND "Find The Song"
4-Johnny Whitehorse JOHNNY WHITEHORSE "Fear The Colt"
5-Johnny MIke MY SPIRIT SOARS "Four Harmonized Peyote Songs" (track 5)
6-Alex E. Smith, Cheevers Toppah & Nitanis Landry HARMONY NIGHTS "The World Is Yours"
7-Louie Gonnie ELEMENTS "Dawn Of Fire"
9-Wahancanka REMEMBER ME "Encouragement Pipe Song"
10-Kelvin Mockingbird SACRED FIRE "Awakening Of The Beauty Within"
11-Elk Soldier A SOLDIER'S DREAM "The Time Has Come"
12-Pipestone GOOD OLD FASHIONED NDN LOVIN' "Wally World"

Program #149:
1-Sweet Honey In The Rock SACRED GROUND "We Are"
2-Robert Tree Cody & Will Clipman HEART OF THE WIND "Before The Beginning"
3-The Blue Stone Project BLUE STONE "Songs Of Freedom"
4-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Morning Dance", "Night Lodge" & "Red Sky"
5-Nakai, Sarde, Eaton & Wood RECONNECTIONS "Excursions Into Memory"
6-David Nighteagle TORN FROM THE HEART - THE JOURNEY "Four Hundred Years"
7-Black Eagle VOICE OF THE DAWN "For The People"
8-Brule LAKOTA PIANO "Man In The Sky"
9-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "Mountain Journey"
10-Lawrence Laughing NOW OUR MINDS ARE ONE "Unity Song"
11-Santee LEGACY "Red Elk Speaks"
12-Pima Express TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE "Western Cumbia"
13-Peter Phippen SHADOWS OF DAWN "Devotion"

Program #148 webcast available here:
2-Soul Majestic UNTIL THAT DAY "Elder Voice"
3-Everton 'Pablo' Paul JO JO BENNETT CLASSIC VARIETY 1 "Red Man's Land"
4-Max Romeo THE COMING OF JAH "Walk Into The Dawn"
5-Prezident Brown SHOWCASE Vol. 1 "Woman Of The Rising Sun" & "Dub"
6-Joanne Shenandoah MATRIARCH - IROQUIS WOMEN'S SONGS "She's Fond Of The Sky"
7-The Beatles LOVE "Here Comes The Sun / Inner Light (Transition)"
8-Robert Mirabal WARRIOR MAGICIAN "Shaman's Shadow"
9-Joy Harjo NATIVE JOY FOR REAL "Morning Song"
10-Tchiya Amet BLACK TURTLE ISLAND "Tree Of Life"
11-Tchiya Amet RISE AGAIN TRUTH "Natural Life"
12-Native Roots RAIN US LOVE "Roots And Culture"
13-Jana AMERICAN INDIAN STORY "The Sacred Gifts Of Mother Earth"
14-Sweet Honey In The Rock IN THIS LAND "Now That The Buffalo Are Gone"

Program #147:
1-Peter Kater 10 QUESTIONS FOR THE DALAI LAMA "Call Of Compassion" segment
2-Walela NATURALLY NATIVE soundtrack "Amazing Grace"
3-Mary Youngblood TRIBAL DREAMS "Cold Wind"
4-Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai TRIBAL WATERS "Cat Tails & Wild Rice"
5-Soulfood BREATHE "Vision"
6-Tom Wasinger & Jim Harvey TRACK TO BUMBLIWA "The Great Beam Of The Milky Way"
7-Sharon Burch TRIBAL VOICES "Grandmother's Song"
8-Joseph Fire Crow with Joseph Marshall TRIBAL LEGENDS "Legend Of The Warrior/Keep Going"
9-Robert Mirabal TRIBAL FIRES "Witch Hunt"
10-Tha Tribe BEST OF BOTH WORLDS - WORLD ONE "Fry Bread Hut Part III"
11-Tribal Beats TRIBAL BEATS "Welcome Song"
12-Jeanette Armstrong TILL THE BARS BREAK "Indian Woman"
13-Indigenous CHASING THE SUN "Come On Home"

Program #146:
1-Peter Phippen SHADOWS OF DAWN "The Dawning"
2-Lawrence Laughing NOW OUR MINDS ARE ONE "Eagle Come Pray For Me"
3-Joanne Shenandoah MATRIARCH "She Leads The Dawn"
4-Santee LEGACY "Breathless Adoration"
5-Longhouse A WARRIOR'S JOURNEY "Voices Of The Dawn"
6-Great Mystery AWAKENING "Morning Prayer"
7-John Trudell BONE DAYS "Sorry Love"
8-Brule KINSHIP "Humble Man"
9-Glen Ahhaitty TRUE LIES FROM THE ROAD "The Bottle Let Me Down"
10-Robbie Robertson CONTACT FROM THE UNDERWORLD OF RED BOY "Rattlebone"
11-Pima Express TIME WAITS FOR NO ONE "Whispers In The Wind"
12-Dewey Martin DEWEY MARTIN & THE MEDICINE BALL lp "Indian Child"
13-Jana AMERICAN INDIAN STORY "The Medicine Woman's Vision"
14-Buffy Sainte-Marie QUIET PLACES lp "For Free"
15-Northern Cree STAY RED "Stay Red"
16-Walela WOLVES soundtrack "The Whippoorwill"

Program #145:
1-Robert Mirabal SONG CARRIER "Sagebrush Snow Winds"
2-Joanne Shenandoah & Lawrence Laughing ORENDA "Across The Sky"
3-John Serrie SPIRIT KEEPERS "Morning Song"
4-Keith Secola WILD BAND OF INDIANS "4R Ancestors"
5-Skychasers FULL MOON SESSIONS "People Of The Sun" cross-faded with
6-Peter Kater 10 QUESTIONS FOR THE DALAI LAMA "Lighting The Flame"
7-Buffy Sainte-Marie FIRE & FLEET & CANDLELIGHT "The Circle Game"
8-Jack Gladstone TAPPIN' THE EARTH'S BACKBONE title track
9-Eaglebear Singers SMOKE SIGNALS "John Wayne's Teeth"
10-Songcatchers DREAMING IN COLOR "Silent Until Now"
11-Leonard Peltier & Oliver Shanti SHAMAN 2 "Sundancer"
12-Joanne Shenandoah COEVENANT "Tell Me Your Dreams"
13-Joanne Shenandoah SKYWOMAN "Skywoman"
14-Donna Summer NATURALLY NATIVE soundtrack "Dreamcatcher"

Programs #144 - #110