Midnight Dread Record's DEEP WORD DUB Singles cd
containing 5 tracks including
*Midnight Dread's remix of his remake of Bob Dylan's "Yea! Heavy & A Bottle Of Bread" as "Yea! Heavy & A Bottle Of Dread" (with slight lyric changes as if the tune was written by the Unabomber and featuring Wyoming lawyer Gerry Spence),
*Dr. Science yapping on the hilarious "Self Basting Dub"
*Doug's vocals with The Rhyth-O-Matics on the scorchin' uptempo "Skatalation",
*the talents of two Montana artists, famed cowboy poet Paul Zarzyski and Jah Provide featuring Doug Sternberg, combined on "The Clockhand's Running",
*and a live mix of "I Can't Stand It" recorded at Reggae On The River in 2002 available nowhere else.

The full Deluxe Edition cd of DEEP WORD DUB (link below) is available in limited supply thru this site's Midnight Dread online store.

Here are sound samples of two tracks from this DEEP WORD DUB Singles Edition:

"Yea! Heavy & A Bottle Of Dread" / "Skatalation"

"well, the wooden box & me, just us, we caught the bus..."

DEEP WORD DUB Singles track listings:
1. Yea! Heavy & A Bottle Of Dread (remix) (4:39)
2. The Clockhand's Running -Paul Zarzyski & Jah Provide (4:58)
3. Skatalation -Midnight Dread with The Rhyth-O-Matics (4:08)
4. I Can't Stand It -Alton Ellis (Live Reggae On The River/Radio Mix) (6:43)
5. Self Basting Dub -Ras Pidow & Dr. Science (4:15)

You can order the DEEP WORD DUB Singles cd for $7 postpaid through our Midnight Dread online store.

Portions of these compilations were produced with the help of Jimmy and Susie Foot at Bongo Boy.
Give thanks.

and don't forget the fullness of the Deluxe Edition of

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