Lion Zion on KDIA Inner Visions
Oakland CA September 18th, 1977

For the first time archived anywhere here is an historic reggae radio program as broadcast
on KDIA, the black owned & operated commercial AM soul music powerhouse of the San
Francisco Bay Area based in Oakland, CA on the afternoon of Sunday Sept. 18th 1977.
It features reggae recording artist Lion Zion bringing his music and the message of
Jamaica to many African Americans in Northern California for the first time.
Listen for his crystal clear philosophy of hope and dignity along with sounds
from Jamaica and Lion Zion's music recently recorded at Lee Perry's Black
Ark in Kingston as well as some vital call-ins and questions from the host.
Errol Lion Zion says in the show of the unique occasion "I don't know of
any other black station that has come this far with Reggae Music."

Some key lines from Lion Zion on KDIA, straight to Oakland head:
"What is natty? Dance the Buffalo!"
"Me not strong enough. Me is gangsterish"
"This is the Time of I. It's I-self not My-self"
"Is the man trying to smoke to define I-self a plan?"
"This is not the 21st Century, this is the 3rd Century!"

excellent Sweet Rare Reggae Music blog on Lion Zion's Reggae In America album

From 1974-1977 "The Reggae Explosion", a groundbreaking USA commercial radio reggae program
aired on KTIM AM/FM in San Rafael, California. It was hosted by KTIM DJ Cody Ryan & Doug Wendt.
Pioneering USA reggae radio DJ Tony (Moses) Wright from KPOO, KDIA & KPFA sometimes joined them.
When 'Dread Eye' Cody became Program Director at KTIM in 1979 he offered Doug his own two hour reggae
intensified presentation which first aired Sundays live at 12am. So that's why Cody named it "Midnight Dread"

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