Originally broadcast daily on World One around the San Francisco bay area, Doug Wendt's worldbeat driven BEST OF ALL WORLDS

Curated, created, recorded in Ohtahku (The Sound), these presentations feature rotating themes
from all the world's music, like in most programs playable on this page, to special shows
such as Deep Sixties
, unique Ghost Town Sound Radio, and a few Midnight Dreads.
Sometimes all elements are present, like in the debut broadcast below.

Doug Wendt's World Beat was heard every day, high noon on World One with
Midnight Dread every midnite, Native Son Rising every 6am, all Pacific Times

DWWB Program #1
DWWB Program #2
DWWB Program #5
DWWB Program #6
DWWB Program #7
DWWB Program #29
DWWB Program #33
DWWB Program #34
DWWB Program #39
DWWB Program #45
DWWB Program #46

Program #1 full webcast now available here:
1-King Sunny Ade "Juju dub segment"
2-Bebel Gilberto "Sun Is Shining"
3-Beach Boys "Why Do Fools (full intro)"
4-Easy Stars All Stars "Lovely Rita"
5-Rocker T "Love Is The Foundation"
6-Mzwakhe Mbuli "The Stone"
7-Tinariwen "Att Nwan"
8-Nathen Maxwell & The Original Bunny Gang "Love Outlaw"
9-Brother D & Silver Fox "School Teacher Tell You"
10-Dub Collosus "Entota Dub"
11-Oumou Sangare "Danso"
12-Khaled "Rai Como"
13-Marissa Monte & David Byrne "Statue Of Liberty"
14-Booker T "Hey Ya"
15-Pink Martini "Hey Eugene"
16-Gogol Bordello "Tribal Connection"
17-Appletree Theater "I Wonder If Louise Is Home/Cheez Louise/E Train"
18-Frankie Laine "Don't Fence Me In"

Program #2: full webcast now available here :
1-Rocker T "Luv Foundation Version"
2-Jackson 5 "ABC (reggae remix)"
3-Funkadesi "Beautiful Thing"
4-Los Fabulosos Cadillacs "El Genio Del Dub"
5-Baaba Maal & Brazilian Girls "Internationale"
6-The B.H.H. "Bulgarian Hip Hop"
7-Fela Kuti "Just Like That"
8-Amadou & Mariam "You Know"
9-Bela Fleck "Throw Down Your Heart"
10-The Sadie "The Trial"
11-Tim Buckley "I Never Asked To Be Your Mountain" live '67 NYC
12-Dan Hicks "Ragtime Cowboy Joe"
13-Wylie & The Willd West "A Pony Called Love"

Program #5: full webcast now available here:
1-Timmy Thomas "We've Got To Live Together"
2-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "Be Easy"
3-Solomon Burke "None Of Us Are Free"
4-The Four Tops "Helpless"
5-Aashid Himons "Sleeper Awake"
6-Abijah "Rise Up"
7-Nasio Fontaine "Rise Up"
8-Bob Marley & The Wailers "Wake Up & Live"
9-Wyclef Jean & Various "Carnival Jams"
11-Mory Kante
12-T.E.A. "Beabella"
15-Speech "Gone Away"
16-Toumani Diabate "From In The Heart"

Program #6: full webcast now available here:
1-Lopez Walker "Fly Away"
2-Caroline Aiken "Between Hello & Goodbye"
3-Sigur Ros "Star Alphur"
4- Darjeeling soundtrack "Titel Music from Merchant Ivory's Film"
5-Horace Silver "The Sophisticated Hippy"
6-Jimmy Smith "I Can't Get No Satisfaction (alternate)"
7-Tom Petty "Can't Stop The Sun"
8-Dan Penn "Zero Willpower"
9-Streve Carl & The Jags "Curfew"
10-Rodrigo Y Gabriela "Stairway To Heaven"
11-Los Fabulocos "Guerra"
12-Philly Gumbo "Holy War" live
13-Morgan Heritage "Politicians"
14-Restless Machetes "Duppy Road"
15-Tyrone Davis "There It Is"
16-Syl Johnson "Come On Home"

Program #7: full webcast now available here:
1-Johnny Clegg "Cruel Crazy Beautiful World"
2-Devo "Beautiful World"
3-Big Chief Monk Boudereaux "Spirits In The Material World"
4-Tony Allen "Where The Streets Have No Name"
5-Benjamine Zephania "Wrong Radio Station"
6-Jack Kerouac "The History Of Bop"/Chocolate Armentaros "Trumpeto En Montuno"
7-Byrd & Dizz "Mohawk (alternate)"
8-Africando "Ketukuba"
9-Juan Luis Guerra Y 440 "El Farolito"
10-Taraf De Handouks "Tunng"
11-Kocani Orkestar "Buscemi"
12-Vusi Mahlesela & Dave Matthews "Sower Of Words"
13-Thomas Mapfumo "Disaster"
14-Randy Newman "A Few Words In Defense Of My Country"
15-M.C. Yogi "Shanti (Peace Out)
16-M.C. Yogi & Sharon Gannon "Krishna Dub Remix"

Program #29: full webcast now available here:
1-Fruko Y Orchesta "Cumbia De Caribe"
2-Gaelic Storm "Crazy Eyes McGillicutty"
3-Steve Dyer "Manonga"
4-Ashwin Batish "Surfing With The Sitar Man"
5-Cheb I Sabah "Sadats (Sufi Sonic Remix)"
6-Baba Maal, Michael Franti, Ulali, Radioactive & Krishna Das "Why Must I Feel Like This Today?"
7-Mathew Montfort "Soul Serenade"
8-Robi Kahakalau "Do It Twice"
9-Amorphous Anonymous "Let It Be"
10-John Lennon "Cold Turkey" acoustic
11-Kronoa Quartet & I.F. Stone "Sololiquy"
12-Revolver "Ba La La Low"
13-Bone Thugs & Harmony "Meet Me In The Sky"
14-B Liminal "Yo Yo"

Program #33: full webcast now available here:
1-Vusi Mahlesela "Say Africa"
2-Bob Marley "Zimbabwe" Final Concert
3-Asmara All Stars "Eritrean Girl"
4-Femi Kuti "Alkebu-Lan Cradle Of Civilization"
5-Sierra Leone All Stars "Jah Come Down"
6-Ladysmith Black Mambazo "Clouds Move Away"
7-Amadou & Mariam "Africa"
8-Youssou N'Dour featuring Ayo "Africa Dream"
9-Blue Riddim Band "Drifter Dub"
10-Novalima "Africa Lando"
11-Asere "Oriente"
12-Stacey Kent & Jim Tomlinson "So Nice"
13-Ablaye Cissoko & Volker Goetze "Sira"
14-Krishna Das "Hanuman Baba (Dub Farm Remix)"
15-King Sunny Ade "Eyi Ma Dun To"
16-Ali Farke Toure & Toumani Diabate "Ruby"

Program #34 (Reggae): full webcast now available here:
1-Philly Gumbo "No No No"
2-Peter Broggs "No Ism Pon De Riddim"
3-Mighty Maytones "Music Is Part Of Life"
4-Inner Circle with Bushman & David Hinds "Religion"
5-Candy McKenzie "Long Enough"
6-Roland Alphonso "Rollie Pollie"
7-Living Truth "Missing Link"
8-All Stars "World Version"
9-Alpha Blondy "Cocody Rock Dub"
10-Etana "People Talk"
11-Marty Dread & Million 7 "Sometimes It Rains In Paradise"
12-Mr. Vegas & Konshuns "Help Me Praise Jahovia"
13-Chino & Dennis Brown "Handwriting"
14-Dennis Brown "Musical Heatwave"
15-Easy Star All Stars "Don't Stop The Music"
16-Wingless Angels "Band Of Angels/Inviting You"
17-Bushman "Brand New Second Hand"
18-Tetrack "Dread Out Deh"

Program #39: full webcast now available here:
1-Blue Riddim Band "Queen Of The Rub"
2-The Brian Setzer Orchestra "Town Without Pity"
3-Steve Earl "Waitin' On The Sky"
4-The Beautiful Daze "City Jungle"
5-Radiohead "Electioneering"
6-Morgan Heritage "Electioneering"
7-The Wailers "Concrete Jungle" JA mix
8-Ska Cubano "Cochita"
9-Edmund Ros & His Rhumba Band "The Humphrey Bogart Rhumba"
10-Internationals "E.L.S."
11-Timbalada "Formigueiro"
12-2Raumwohnung "Melancholisch Schon"
13-Vusi Mahlesela & Taj Mahal "In Anyway"
14-Nancy Walker "Boy! What Love Has Done To Me"
15-Johnny Williams & His Swing Sextet "I'll Build A Stairway To Paradise"
16-Brian Wilson "I've Got Rhythm"
17-Lasana Bandele "Love On The Freeway"
18-Busy Signal "Touch The Road"
19-Duane Stephenson "Fire In Me"
20-Gentleman & Dubmatix "Changes"
21-Ranking Joe & Alton Ellis "Champion Sound Mashup"
22-David Gans "Normal"

Program #45: full webcast now available here:
1-Bitty McLean "Plead My Cause"
2-The National "Afraid Of Everyone"
3-Brown All Stars "Have No Fear"
4-The Problem Addicts "The Last Gig In The Sky"
5-Jo Ann Campbell "Kookie Little Paradise"
6-Asmara All Stars "Haki"
7-Novalima "Yo Voy"
8-Pistolera "Nuevos Ojos"
9-The Skatalites "Cleopatra Rock"
10-Bob Marley & The Wailers final concert "The Heathen"
11-Bob Marley & The Wailers final concert "Running Away"
12-Northern Lights featuring Joanathan Edwards "Waiting In Vain"
13-Tradicuba "Potpourri De Cha Cha Cha"
14-Monla "Railroad"
15-Richie Spice "Black Woman"
16-Romain Virgo "Dark Skin Girl"
17-Zema "Keep On Believing"
18-Neybuzz "Captain Buzzkill"
19-Los Amigos Invisibles "G-String"
20-Wylie & The Wild West "Hang & Rattle"
21-Royksopp "This Must Be It"

Program #46: full webcast now available here:
1-Leonard Cohen "Democracy (acapella)"
2-Guy Forsyth "Long Long Time"
3-Devo "Whip It Dub (J.T. Mix)"
4-Romain Virgo "The System"
5-Michael Franti & Spearhead "Soundsystem"
6-Sergent Garcia "Yo Soy Salsamuffin"
7-Amerigo Gazaway & Fela Soul "Breakadown"
8-Maxine Sullivan "'Tain't No Use"
9-Chiek Lo "Jamm"
10-Neybuzz "Rise Up"
11-Playing For Change "Higher Ground"
12-Gappy Ranks "I Was There"
13-Terror Kid "The Last Days"
14-Tempo All Stars "Take Off'
15-The Jayhawks "High Water Blues"
16-Peter Tosh "Hammer"
17-Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings "Learned The Hard Way"
18-Shawn Storm "Life Hard"
19-Doug Stuart & World Blues "Your Own Style"

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