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Here's several archived articles & photos published in the press with
& about Doug Wendt and his reggae & world music presentations.

Dancers at Kennel Club on Front Page
San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

O Globo, Domingo, Rio de Janeiro, April 3rd, 1994
Cyberpunks And Hippies On The Same Dance Floor
by Carlos Albuquerque for O Globo

The real Tower of Babel is in San Francisco. More precisely, it's inside the venue at 628
Divisadero Street. This is the address of the Kennel Club, which is packed every week with
hundreds of people from around the world tripping to the sounds and visuals put together by
DJ/VJ Doug Wendt. According to Roger Steffens, of Beat Magazine, Wendt plays the best in
so-called world music with the psychedelic & cyberpunk styles of the 60s to 90s dancing side
by side. Doug's musical skills mix Apache Indian with Celia Cruz, Daniela Mercury with Mouth
Music, and The Neville Brothers with Cheb Khaled. "The nights are fantastic" says Nelson
Meirelles, bass player for the group Rappa, who was recently in San Francisco.

On the three large screens in the club, Wendt's amalgamation repeatedly wraps high definition
images into such an Empire of the Senses they led alternative magazine Details to
describe Doug's evening as one of the best in the United States.

"The city of San Francisco has a history of tolerance and integration. Perhaps this explains the
success of my nights at the Kennel Club. Here, dancers & observers are not so
concerned about hearing mainstream hits. On the contrary, the novelty of the unusual fills the
set list" he says in an exclusive interview with O Globo, speaking by telephone from his
home in San Francisco. "Reggae," according to Wendt "is the cream of the night" with
Brazilian music close behind in preference by the public. "Margareth Menezes, Olodum,
City Black and all the other Brazilian artists that I play are well received by the crowd" he confirmed.

The main point of entry to the Kennel Club style is backbeat sounds. Though rooted in one form
or another in big time rock and roll, rock's admitted giant pop stars like Madonna and
Michael Jackson to its party. "They are corrupt," the free thinking Wendt surmises "and
anyway, the sounds released by large record corporations don't usually interest me."

(This is a very rough translation of the above text. Please email us at
if you can provide more nuance, clarifications, & or corrections from the Portuguese. Thanks.)

Front Page San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

Style Section Front Page
San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

World Beat 2nd Page
San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

World Beat 3rd Page
San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

Complete Front Page
San Francisco Examiner, January 6th, 1990

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