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Program #105:
1-Indian Nation RED SOUL "Survival Celebration"
2-Russell Means ELECTRIC WARRIOR "Mrs. God"
3-John Trudell BONE DAYS "Bone Days"
4-Medicine Dream TOMEGAN GOSPEM "People Of The Dawn"
5-Keith Secola WILD BAND OF INDIANS "Wide Open Spaces"
6-David Byrne RED HOT & BLUE "Don't Fence Me In"
7-Pima Express VOICE UPON THE WIND "title track"
8-Burning Sky SPIRIT IN THE WIND "title track"
9-Jonn Serrie SPIRIT KEEPERS "Wind Walker"
10-Soulfood SHAMAN'S WAY "The Way"
11-Howard Lyons SPIRIT WALK "Yo Jahwah Hey (Mother Earth Our Holy Place)"

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