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Program #117:
1-Butch Helemano REGGAE SOUL "One Jungle Night"
2-Buffy Sainte-Marie FIRE & FLEET & CANDLELIGHT "Reynardine - A Vampire Legend"
3-Robbie Robertson "In The Blood (Goldhawk mix)" cd single
5-Tha Tribe MAD HOPS & CRAZY STOPS "Buffalo Jump"
6-High Noon HAVE DRUM, WILL TRAVEL "Grand Entry"
7-Blackstone ON THE OREGON TRAIL "Show Stopper"
8-Shenandoah & Robert SISTERS "Prayer"
9-Peter Phippen NIGHT SONG "North Wind / Lonely Wind"
10-Mari Boine REMIXED ODDA HAMIS "Mun Da (Just When I Had)"
11-Peter Kater RED MOON "Red Moon"
12-Delbert "Black Fox" Pomani SACRED MEDICINE GUIDE US HOME "Four Peyote Songs" track 6
13-Robert Mirabel INDIANS, INDIANS "Morrison"
14-The Doors STRANGE DAYS "My Eyes Have Seen You"
15-Lone Ranger HI YO, SILVER AWAY "Lone Ranger & Tonto"

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